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Nov 7, 2006 08:29 PM

Good, reason able eats around Wilshire Grand Hotel?

I'm not familiar w/ downtown area, going to meet up with a friend who's staying at Wilshire Grand. Any suggestion on places to eat within walking distance and without taking Dash?

I was thinking about Grand Central Mkt but it appears that we must take Dash or Metro to get closer to there.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    1. Pizza Next Door
      Engine Co 28
      Zucca (happy hour)
      Morton's (happy hour)
      Mc Cormick & Schmicks (happy hour)

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      1. Grand Central Market is definitely walkable from Wilshire Grand, just a matter if you have the time and/or how freakishly hot it is outside; approx. one mile or 8-ish blocks according to MQ (I’m two blocks from WG and officemate says it takes him “7-minutes” and calls it “5-blocks” (as he cuts thru Pershing square))

        1. Cardini Ristorante - Itilian in the hotel (outside seating around the pool is avail.)
          Kyoto for Great Sushi and Tempura - in the hotel
          my favorite is Seoul Jung - Food Network just did a special on them - High end Korean tbletop B-BQ also in the hotel
          Point Moorea - Voted best happy hour in downtown by DTLANews - also in the hotel (great happy hour with jumbo shrimp and king crab leg appitizers for $3)
          Engine company 28 (across the street on Figueroa)
          Morton's Steak House across the street (at 7th and Fig.)
          Pacific Grill (fresh fish across the street at Wilshire and Figueroa)

          1. The Original Pantry 2 blocks away. Been there 80+ years an institution in LA. Very reasonable in price and reasonable food- open 24 hours a day. Great breakfasts.