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Hot Lobster Roll...on a buttered roll

Okay...please weigh in: Where is the best hot lobster roll (i.e. butter, not mayo) in Boston (preferably the North End or nearby). I'm reading lots of conflicting reviews of Neptune Oyster. Any comments? Thanks.

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  1. I haven't had it but pretty much everyone seems to concur that Neptune is the place to go when you're loking for a hot, buttered lobster roll.

    1. I *love* the hot lobster roll at Neptune. It's delicious! Paired with the chowder and a glass of wine it's a great meal for this time of year!

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        I LOVE lobster rolls. And the hot buttered one at Neptune sounds divine. My only concern: does it fill you up? I feel like whenever I order a lobster roll it's always gone so quickly. Just wondering what the portion is like. I'm sure adding the cup of chowder helps...

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          You won't leave hungry. The brioche & butter add a certain richness to the roll. Last time I split an app and the roll with a friend and was comfortably full. {Sigh} I love that roll...I am due for a trip back there soon.

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            It's huge and full of sweet lobster and rich butter. Also comes with a generous portion of thin and salty fries. No way you leave hungry...especially if you get the chowder first.

        2. I love it. The roll is sweet, buttery goodness. The double cooked fries are also the real deal.

          Be forewarned: The roll is toasted brioche, not a split new england style hotdog bun.

          1. The roll is so tasty just the mention of it makes me want to go there tonight for dinner.

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              I can only finish a part of the roll. I eat the lobster with a bit of the roll and my husband finishes it. He calls says it is "lobster bread for dessert!"

              I did some serious taste testing this summer between here and RI and this was the hands-down winner.

            2. Isn't the hot buttered lobster roll a Connecticut phenomenon? I tried the version at Neptune out of pure curiosity, and it's pretty damned good, but I have to say I prefer the cold, salad-y, slight-bit-of-mayo version. The cold one at Neptune is mighty fine; I also like the version at B&G and the (not always on the menu) "sliders" at 28 Degrees.

              1. How's the CT style lobster roll at Rachel's Kitchen (fri only)?

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                  Rachel's CT style lobby roll was very good. Lots of lobster. Decent bread (also brioche, I think). I have not had Neptune's hot roll, so I cannot compare the two.

                2. I've never been to Neptune and they don't have an online menu...do they always have the hot lobster roll w/butter (NO MAYO) on the menu? Sounds devine!

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                    It has been there every time I have been there and that is many times.

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                        Great, thank you! Will add to the must try list

                    1. $75 for a plate of mussles? What is that the banquet menu???

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                        That looks like a typo of some kind. That section of the menu usually covers the large rawbar combo plates (the triton and neptune). The other items are usually market priced on the blackboard. In short, I've never seen anything approaching the cost of the neptune platter ($75), which allegedly serves 4 and runs the gamut of fresh ocean delicacies.

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                          If I recall correctly, and will hopefully experience this weekend, the combo plates are the Triton and Neptune and the difference between the two is that one has just oysters and the other has lobster, crab claws, etc.

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                            I think that is correct. The Triton (or whichever one is $45) can be made with primarily east coast/atlantic or west coast/pacific oysters, or you can just get a sampling of all they have to offer from both coasts.

                            I always want to try the neptune, but haven't done it yet (usually we are only two). Not too long ago they had this really great looking "clambake" kind of thing - sausages, steamers, lobster, crab, etc etc....I am doing a homer simpson "ughghghghg" just thinking about it =)

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                              We just went last night and had a great meal. Oysters were primo as always, the shrimp cocktail was just ok (we've had bigger and more flavorful there before), the fried clams are still some of the best I've ever had. For entrees I had the Cioppino which had a nice spicy broth (the cassoulet looked amazing, but I wanted more fish than meats)and the boyfriend had the Jumbo Sea Scallops with pumpkin bread, maple butter and pork crackles. Oh my his was delish! I got a little taste, but he thought they were the best scallops he's ever had (his benchmark are the wonderful scallops with foie gras butter at Lumiere).

                              The waiter was a bit odd, but very very willing to describe dishes with great detail.

                              Tonight is Pork n clam night....I want to go back!

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                                That dish was freaking awesome. Off the current menu, but hopefully back next summer.