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Nov 7, 2006 08:18 PM

Mid-range near Penn Station?

Taking a friend for dinner and I need advice on someplace tasty within five or six blocks of Penn station. I'd prefer low to mid-range, and not too formal - we'll all be in jeans. Just somewhere relaxed and laid back so that we could really talk, which means nothing really super stiff (tho loud's alright- we all have good lungs)

Really appreciate it, thanks!

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  1. Market 496 9th Ave, Btwn 37th & 38th St. Phone: 212-967-3892
    Funky space, more than decent food, good prices. Wide range of options. Good drinks.

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    1. re: adamandeve

      I'd have recommended Market Cafe as well. It's not too loud, and jeans are perfectly appropriate. We took some photos and wrote about it on our site last year, if you want to see what the food looks like-- and most of their menu remains the same, so it's still representative.



    2. This looks absolutely perfect - Thanks folks!