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Nov 7, 2006 08:00 PM

A memorable food from another land...

Pls share some of the interesting food that you've encountered
for the very first time while visiting another place, city,
country, etc. :)

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  1. In Scotland, deep fried pizza....wasn't that bad either.

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    1. re: Infomaniac

      I had a deep fried pizza in Glasgow several years ago, and it was indeed memorable—though not in a good way. (Think frozen 6" food service pizza tossed into fish-n'chips basket straight from the freezer.)

      My other "memorable" food experience was eating a caribao (waterbuffalo) burger in Cagayan d'Oro, Philippines: like gnawing on minced shoe leather, except shoe leather probably tastes better. :-o

    2. I forgot how much I liked Tarte Flambe when I visited the Alsace region of France many years ago...but last week at the Trader Joe's sampling station they were offering tastes of it and I was transported back!

      1. wild boar sausage, french cherries(!) and a yogurt-like dairy product with grenadine in Provence; an aspic-y rabbit and black bean terrine and red pepper-raspberry-chickpea soup in Paris; Irish butter, the most seed-filled bread and a chicken and pork terrine with apricots and fresh herbs in Dublin. And a real Irish scone. Well, more than one....

        1. Local pré salé lamb in Wales!

              1. re: fauchon

                I had dog meat while visiting Indonesia.
                It was delicious, with a unique taste :)