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Nov 7, 2006 07:58 PM

PDX source for birch beer?


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  1. you can order many different brands of birch beer online at galco's pop stop

    1. Anywhere local I can shop and buy it though? I was hoping to not have to go online to get it.


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      1. re: GGS

        This guy was selling home made sodas at Saturday Market a few weeks ago, and I did see Birch Beer (which interested me because I'm from Philly). I wish I could remember what else he was selling, but I can't. Not in one of the food court areas.

      2. George, or more formally "Oregon Wine Jelly," always has a stash of birch beer at his booth @ Portland Farmers Market on Saturday. Now that the Market is winding down, not sure if George will be there. His other offerings include root beer, ginger ale, spruce beer, cream soda and some other flavors. The booth is on the north side of the south aisle at the Market.

        You can double check with the Market to see if Oregon Wine Jelly will continue attending through season's end: 503-241-0032.


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        1. re: mczlaw

          Excuse me, McZlaw, don't you mean the Portland Saturday Mkt. at the Burnside Bridge?

        2. Nope. In the inspirational words of Horton the elephant, I meant what I said and I said what I meant.

          Oregon Wine Jelly is/has been a regular vendor at Portland Farmers Market on Saturdays on the Portland State University campus. Birch beer aplenty.


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            George talked me into buying a bottle of the spruce beer just last weekend! It was alright, but not as biting as I would've liked.

            Anyway, across the river in Vancouver there's a place called Moxie's that has a pretty good selection of sodas. I picked up some Cheerwine (the official drink of the Carolina's) and some Dry Soda (lemongrass, lavender and rhubarb flavors) just today. I can't remember for sure if they had birch beer, but I do remember seeing a few dozen kinds of root and ginger beers, so I'd assume they'd have something along the lines of what you're looking for.

            I can't find a phone number, but it's at 1929 Main if you want to stop in. Spoke with the owner for a while, and he mentioned that he's talking to a bunch of distributors and hopes to expand his current collection (around 150 brands and flavors, currently) to around 400 sometime soon.

          2. This is perhaps a year too late for the original poster -- but, a new deli which serves birch beer has just opened downtown: Kenny and Zuke's, 1038 SW Stark St, . Haven't yet been myself, but I'm told they have an extensive soda collection... You have been warned.

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            1. re: ligeti42

              We currently carry two birch beers at Kenny & Zuke's:

              Sioux City
              Boylan Creamy Red

              I tried Olde Brooklyn and Kutztown, but didn't like either.

              I don't know many restaurants that carry birch beer, but Moxie's on Main in Vancouver, WA, has by far the most extensive collection of sodas in Portland Metro with well over 300. They have several each of sarsparillas and birch beers and probably 20 or 30 root beers.

              As far as restaurants go, ones with good selections include Pizza Schmizza, Apizza Scholls, and Podnah's. Otto's has a decent selection of soda, but nowhere near Moxie's.

              1. re: extramsg

                Having now had them both, Boylan's wins the contest hands down. Sioux City is far too sweet -- plus, it doesn't list any birch ingredients, so can it really be called birch beer?