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Nov 7, 2006 07:30 PM

Where to buy Cavolo Nero?

I'd like to try making ribollita and I need some Cavolo Nero to make this (AKA Dinosaur Kale). Does anyone know where I could buy this? I haven't seen it at Loblaws. I was thinking about the JTM (Chez Nino? - mentioned in the poblano chile thread), but I don't know if they have. If anyone knows a place to get this stuff, let me know!

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  1. I've noticed in the markets these days, you can buy a savoy cabbage with some really dark outer leaves. That is a really good substitution if you can't find the Cavolo Nero.

    1. Anyone seen it this season? (The real stuff, that is...)

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        Birri had it last year, but had yet to see some.

        Also, I used to get some non-local ones from Epicerie Segal (the Stinky Store, pas cher, etc) when I was living close. Not sure if they still have these days.

      2. I found some today at Chez Nino! It is actually called Lacinato Kale on the label.
        Thanks serpah for the tip!

        Here's the recipe/blog post which inspired me to hunt down this veg - and the pics are helpful for ID purposes too: Enjoy!