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Donovan's or Rainwater's in San Diego - which is better?

I want to try one of them next time I visit San Diego - which do you recommend?

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  1. donovan's for sure. there is no comparison.

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    1. re: long_ballers

      Really? Why so much better?

    2. Agreed - Donovan's is MUCH better!

      1. totally 3rd Donovan's! Donovan's meats are much more flavorful and juicy. Their sides are also outstanding, way better than Rainwater's. I've eaten at both many times and would do a filet or rib eye anytime at Donovan's over Rainwater's. Rainwater's is "good" but they seem to be lacking that extra "something" that Donovan's has. I would put Rainwater's on about the same par as Morton's.

        1. Another vote for Donovan's. Best in town. Ambiance, service, quality, a notch above rainwater. Nothing better than relaxing in the lounge with a conac after a good meal.


          1. Donovan's Rocks! Don't miss the baby rack of lamb appetizer. The best thing about Rainwater is they stay open late.

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            1. re: Captain Jack

              What time do they stop serving food?

            2. DONOVANS! I love those potatoes with the brandy peppercorn sauce..mmmmmm. I have not been to Rainwaters in several years because I prefer DOnovans, Ruth's, and Flemings. Rainwaters uses a charbroiler as I recall. Unless a place has wood firing that grill then they better have a super hot double broiler or i won't be going in. DOuble broiler is key for making a nice uniform crust on the steak.

              1. Donovan's gets my vote. Each of the steakhouses has it's own "little touches" to set it apart, but at the end of the day it's still about the meat. Donovan's has the best steak, such that I'm now spoiled and can't eat a filet anywhere else.

                Order the big filet they have on their menu (13 ounce?) and you'll see. You can get a tender filet anywhere, but the flavor at Donovan's is the best I've ever had.

                1. I have always wanted to like Rainwaters.

                  But I don't.

                  Expensive, poor service, average food, and negative vibe.

                  Donovan's by default.

                  1. Neither! I vote for Morton's.

                    1. Does Dovovans still have that smoking room?

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                      1. re: stevewag23

                        They were suppose to revive that but, I'm not sure they did. In the mood for a stoogie?

                      2. RAINWATERS BY FAR.

                        You can not beat the individual attention that you get from Mr. and Mrs. Rainwater and their daughter when you are are their. There is a member of their family in the dining room all of the time. They strive for perfection.

                        1. goto Cowboy Star. It blows both of them out of the water!

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                            Props for Cowboy Star. The few times I have been to Donovan's we have not been comfortable with the attitude of most of the servers. Rainwater's was a leader back in the day, but the last time we were there it seemed tired in atmosphere and spirit, and everything we ordered was sorely lacking in execution.

                            1. re: foodiechick

                              "Rainwater's was a leader back in the day"

                              Was it ever really?

                              I hear people say this sometimes.

                              When was "back in the day"?

                              The 60's?

                              1. re: stevewag23

                                Mid-late 80's.

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                                I'm surprised about the servers comment. Full disclosure here; I have my own name tag as I frequent Donovan's regularily, I've never had an attitude with servers but, if I did I'd let the MOD know, they will respond to you as their only concern is serving the best quality ingredients and providing the best service. I also agree with your comment about Rainwater's 'back in the day' I use to frequent them a lot (back in the early 80's), I especially enjoyed their wine selections, unfortunately they have tumbled to mediocrity.

                              3. re: mmjgam

                                concur on the C Star vote