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Nov 7, 2006 07:24 PM

Donovan's or Rainwater's in San Diego - which is better?

I want to try one of them next time I visit San Diego - which do you recommend?

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  1. donovan's for sure. there is no comparison.

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    1. Agreed - Donovan's is MUCH better!

      1. totally 3rd Donovan's! Donovan's meats are much more flavorful and juicy. Their sides are also outstanding, way better than Rainwater's. I've eaten at both many times and would do a filet or rib eye anytime at Donovan's over Rainwater's. Rainwater's is "good" but they seem to be lacking that extra "something" that Donovan's has. I would put Rainwater's on about the same par as Morton's.

        1. Another vote for Donovan's. Best in town. Ambiance, service, quality, a notch above rainwater. Nothing better than relaxing in the lounge with a conac after a good meal.


          1. Donovan's Rocks! Don't miss the baby rack of lamb appetizer. The best thing about Rainwater is they stay open late.

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