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Nov 7, 2006 07:22 PM

Great place for a double date?

Any suggestions? Someplace fun on a saturday night but not too over the top.

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  1. I've enjoyed a double date at Stanton Social. Small food is inherently fun, and they have a cocktail list that the girls liked a lot.

    1. I have always enjoyed going to Dylan Prime when we are with another couple. It is lively, and loud, and the food is good. We don't go for the food, however, mostly the great drinks and atmosphere. A huge plus is their accompanying lounge, where you can hang out after dinner for more drinks. Do not go here if you are looking for something quiet and intimate.

      1. Take a look at Taboon. Delicious Middle Eastern food in great atmosphere. The amazing house bread with some dips (especially the homemade tzatiki) gives a nice communal feel.

        1. Go for Tapas. I think Boqueria is great - but it's always crowded and a little loud. Casa Mono and Bar Jamon are also good.

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            I agree about the tapas as a fun double date idea: everyone shares, but it's not messy, you don't have to eat too much; and wine and sherry go great with everything. I highly recommend Tia Pol in Chelsea. Bar Jamon is delicious but small and awkward and wines by the glass ("quartino") are great but very expensive. Bar Carerra is a great tapas place in East Village where all nibbles are $3.50 and winesa are reasonable and interesting -- i had a great single date there. If you like Italian food I'd suggest Otto, which also has a small plates format.

            I'd also suggest the Bar Room at the Modern. I was there last Friday and saw a lot of double dates in play. Lots of good small plates in the $12-17 range (like duck breast over quinoa in lobste broth with lemon confit) and high quality drinks in a sleek space. Also the low seats and tables puts more of you on display, which could be a good thing.