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Nov 7, 2006 07:17 PM

Just back from Mexico and craving authentic Mexican food...

I was in Akumal and Tulum, and the food was fantastic.

Does anyone know where I can get some delicious authentic
Mexican food?

Also, is there anywhere that I can buy Oaxacan cheese?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. 104th and lex. el paso taqueria. awesome guac, beef tongue tacos, very good chilaquiles. i ordered two guacamoles.

    1. I would go to Tacos Matamoros in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. It is on 45th and 5th. I had the tacos al pastor and chilaquiles. Both were authentic. I have yet to find authentic Mexican food in the city like you do in LA and SF, and I have been to Mexico (including Tulum) many times. Try Tacos Matamoros. I think you will be very happy.

      1. There is a Mexican bodega on A between 13th and 14th on the West side of the street. I have not eaten there but I am told they do great tacos and what not.

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          it's called zaragoza. their tacos are fantastic, especially the beef tongue and the chorizo. they have other dishes as daily specials, but they seem to run out pretty early on so it's worth it to call ahead if you're looking for something in particular. the fellow who runs the place is usually there, and he's always been happy to chat with me about the food and answer questions.

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            is this the bodega next door to a pizza joint, and all of the food is right up near the front counter, and there are maybe 2 tables towards the rear? I had some really bad tacos there, ordered the enchilada, the asada and the lengua, and was really not impressed, despite how rundown and beatup and "authentic" the place was. I've had much better tacos at tehuitzningo, under similar conditions and prices.

          2. Tehuitzingo ($)
            695 10th Ave
            Btwn 47th & 48th St

            excellent tacos

            1. Tehuitzingo is about the best I've found in Manhattan. Though I saw a place called Puebla Mexican, 47 First Av, today, and the woman running it told me they have mole poblano every day. Just about every restaurant here is run by people from Puebla -- lucky for us, it's one of the culinary best regions.

              But the best place BY FAR in NYC is in Queens, right near the 74-Roosevelt huge subway station. It blows my mind each time I try it.

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                I kinda like El Poblano, although a good friend of mine did turn me on to coatzingo. the big difference is in the taco lenguas; coatzingos is "al vapor" or steamed, whereas poblano's is nice and fried up on the griddle; unless you can order both ways at coatzingo, I prefer el poblano, 2 or 3 blocks away.