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Nov 7, 2006 07:02 PM

Your favorite Wegman's Dessert

I'm cooking dinner for six on Saturday, and I'll be doing my shopping at Wegman's. What should we have for dessert?

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  1. They have lots of fancy tarts and things in their patisserie but actually, the BEST thing I've ever had there was a chocolate chip cookie chocolate cake that was DECADENT. It can be dressed up by cutting it up and serving it on nice plates instead of the cheapo plastic container it comes in. Apart from that, I've tried most of their fancy cakes and they're all good---and almost too pretty to eat.

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      The Awesome Chocolate Cake is. . .well... AWESOME, but be sure to let it cool down to room temp before eating it, the icing is much creamier,as it's meant to be served. Also, try the lemon tart from the pastry shop, totally delicious. Finally, the coconut cookies (not exactly shaped like macaroons) from the cookies shop are rich, moist and fabulous.

    2. I'm going there right now! It's my home away from home. You MUST buy the "Awesome Chocholate Cake!" It was featured on the front cover of their magazine a few months back. Their swiss chocolate chip cookies are amazing, but won't be available until after the holidays..I checked!!! Love their half moon cookies also!

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        I second the Awesome Chocolate Cake. And they make a mini version if you don't want to commit to the full size. Oh My! It's wonderful.

      2. i grew up in Rochester, of wegmans. I wish they would build one in Pittsburgh (where i live now). Giant eagle is a joke. It is so bad compared to Wegmans. *sigh*

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          Wegmans is a rapidly growing company. I know people that work for them and they recently built a new distribution center near Pottsville Pa. This is supposed to service the new stores in the Philly/So Jersey stores. The long range plan is to expand to the D.C. area, so i would guess you will be seeing stores in the Pgh area within a couple of years. See their website for news about new locations and current store locations

        2. The original comment has been removed