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Nov 7, 2006 06:55 PM

Prime Rib near Iowa City

Can't get rid of my craving for prime rib. I usually drive out to Timmerman's in East Dubuque, but it's a bit too far for my schedule right now. Any recommendations for a great slab of meat closer to Iowa City? Preferably at a Timmerman's-esque joint that also makes a damn fine martini?

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  1. House of Lords on First Avenue, Coralville, basement of Canterbury Inn does great prime rib in three different sizes. Haven't had a martini, but they have a good bar and fantastic ice cream drinks like velvet hammers and golden cadillacs.

    1. I'd agree with the canterbury. For the martini though, I just had a darn fine Tanq. martini (AKA a real martini) at the new downtown place Graze, on the ped mall.