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Nov 7, 2006 05:54 PM

Fogo De Chao (Churrascaria) possibly coming to San Antonio

I REALLY hope they decide to open a location here.


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  1. You really like the $45 salad bar with tepid meats??? I've been to the one in São Paulo and it's nothing special, but nice for the price...but up here, the price is absurd. In the old days, there were no extraneous "salad or whatever" bars (in Brazil, I mean), but now they tempt you to fill up on that extra stuff, and the focus on the meat is lost. Not a good deal, in my opinion. And my experience is that the meats are not so great any more in any case. It's more spectacle than it is good food, and seems like a great meal to us gringos who love this sort of over-the-top abundance.

    The really good churrascarias in Brazil do not serve this rodizio style (all you can eat), but cook to order. Ahhhh, a good, rare picanha is hard to beat. But 45 bucks for a few slices of tired beef and a few chicken hearts? No thanks... And I saddened every time I go to Brazil and see the American-style lunch buffet (por kilo/by the kilo) taking over even some of the good's bad enough our crappy music has mostly supplanted the good stuff they produce at home!

    1. You can come and get the one here in Dallas if you want. We have way too many of those places to begin with and they're all basically the same.

      Because of the price tag and the gluttony angle, these places have always been heavily patronized by the out-of-town generic businessman on an expense account.

      1. Thanks for the heads up.


        P.S. I did go to Porcao in Miami and thought it was great

        1. Actually, Fago De Chao is fun. I've been a few times in Dallas and thought the food was quite flavorful. I prefer Texas de Brasil, though.

          I guess you have to get into the spirit of the concept. It's fun and flavorful...