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Nov 7, 2006 05:39 PM

New Butcher on 4th Street, Calgary????

I read about it somewhere...but now I can't find it and I need to order some MEAT for Thanksgiving...

I was sure it was mentioned in City Palate... but I've gone over it a million times and I can't find it...

It's all organic/naturally raised, no antibiotics, hormones etc.... sound sooooo good.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?

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  1. The butcher is Second To None Meats (2100 4 St SW). They've been around a while.

      1. I have ordered my Thanksgiving bird from 2nd to None and they have even agreed to brine it for me in their giant refridgerator with my brine recipe (if I deliver it to them) which I thought was very accomidating of them ...will report back on that....

        While I was there, I was moved to purchase A LOT of the beautiful selections they had in the display. The lamb chops were the BEST I have found in Calgary and were amazing on the grill. Just thought I'd pass it on......

        1. I like Second-to-None for the same reason - they will go out of their way to cut/prep the meat as per your liking. I dont find all butchers are as openly accomodating. They also have somewhat hard to find items like lamb shanks.

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            Hey, I've never cooked with lamb shanks before but found a great recipe with lentils I want to try. Do you know where else lamb shanks are available? And roughly how much they cost so I don't faint at the meat counter? Thanks!!

          2. I think he's great - His lamb is wonderful - same as the best restaurants. I'm impressed by the brining thing - I'd do him the favour of assembling the ingredients and not just the recipe...

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     plan is mix it all up and bring it to him so he just has to pour it in.