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New Butcher on 4th Street, Calgary????

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I read about it somewhere...but now I can't find it and I need to order some MEAT for Thanksgiving...

I was sure it was mentioned in City Palate... but I've gone over it a million times and I can't find it...

It's all organic/naturally raised, no antibiotics, hormones etc.... sound sooooo good.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?

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  1. The butcher is Second To None Meats (2100 4 St SW). They've been around a while.

      1. Ok...so I have ordered my Thanksgiving bird from 2nd to None and they have even agreed to brine it for me in their giant refridgerator with my brine recipe (if I deliver it to them) which I thought was very accomidating of them ...will report back on that....

        While I was there, I was moved to purchase A LOT of the beautiful selections they had in the display. The lamb chops were the BEST I have found in Calgary and were amazing on the grill. Just thought I'd pass it on......

        1. I like Second-to-None for the same reason - they will go out of their way to cut/prep the meat as per your liking. I dont find all butchers are as openly accomodating. They also have somewhat hard to find items like lamb shanks.

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            Hey, I've never cooked with lamb shanks before but found a great recipe with lentils I want to try. Do you know where else lamb shanks are available? And roughly how much they cost so I don't faint at the meat counter? Thanks!!

          2. I think he's great - His lamb is wonderful - same as the best restaurants. I'm impressed by the brining thing - I'd do him the favour of assembling the ingredients and not just the recipe...

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              Yes...my plan is mix it all up and bring it to him so he just has to pour it in.

            2. Second To None Meats now has a website outlining their products and whom they buy from. All are local producers and there are links to their sites as well. It's interesting to know where good food comes from. Natural, organic and with a story to boot: