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Nov 7, 2006 05:27 PM


I live to eat but for the past year have had to remove wheat from my life. This was easily doable in Manhattan, where I used to live, but since moving to Boston it has become next to impossible to find reasonably priced food sans wheat!

Considering I live for Thai, Korean, Japanese, and Indian, my chances of being understood by the people working at such venues are hit or miss, and soy sauce cannot go near my mouth.

Does anyone know where the hell I can get a good meal, wheat-free, no cross contamination, for under $15 in Boston? (And I'm not talking Elephant Walk or Legal Seafoods, here.)

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  1. Not certain, but you might try Grasshopper Cafe in Allston. Asian/vegan, so I am pretty sure they are more "ingredient conscious" than most. Food is pretty tasty too.

    1. Here's one resource I found with one quick Google search. Some interesting restaurants included on that list. I would think you'll be able to find many more with little more effort. I'm a pescetarian and if I'm going to an unfamiliar restaurant, I can usually find the menu on-line so I can scope it out beforehand.

      1. PF Chang's has a celiac menu. They're very good about helping people with specific dietary requirements.

        For quick food when you need to know all the ingredients, your best bet is probably the prepared foods section of Whole Foods. Whole Foods in general is pretty good about explicitly labelling what's wheat-free and what's not.

        1. Whole Foods was going to be my major suggestion.

          I've found a few places in the general area that are very accommodating - Dok Bua (Thai, Coolidge Corner) comes to mind.