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Nov 7, 2006 05:06 PM

inexpensive in West Village for 2 omnivores and 1 veg?

I do like eating at vegetarian restaurants, but I don't really like Gobo.

Either an omni-restaurant with a few good veg options or a non-Gobo veg restaurant would be great. Inexpensive meaning under $15 a plate if possible.

Thanks so much!

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  1. My vege girlfriend and I usually do well at 'ino on bedford. There's a few vege friendly paninis and enough cured italian meat and cheese to satisfy you.

    1. For lunch, I'd say Westville, Elephant & Castle or L'Annam (closer to Union Square).

      For dinner, maybe Le Gamin? Or Cornelia Street Café.

      I'm veg, my friends aren't, and we all enjoyed these places.

      1. Blue Ribbon Bakery has great variety of small plates - many vegetables.

        1. All the suggestions so far are great.... but here's a cheaper one :)

          Check out Isle on Bleecker on the east side of 7th ave, near Jones St. We've always enjoyed the quality of their Thai food... prices are great and they've got a variety of drinks too. Noodle dishes are under $10, and they do a good job with the meat and fish entrees, too.