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Nov 7, 2006 05:00 PM

White Anchovies What to do with them?

I just picked up a tray of white anchovies packed in vinegar and oil. Any ideas for their use?

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  1. They are used in any dish requiring anchovies. They are simply more delicate and less salted, standing better on their own than canned anchovies.
    some ideas are:
    ceaser salad
    Salad Nicoise: Boston, Tuna in oil, hard boiled eggs, haricot vertes, olives, tomato wedges, basalmic.
    Pisaladiere (french onion & anchovy tarte)
    Rough cut into olive tapanade.

    1. Just get some good crusty bread and enjoy them as a snack with some good olives and a glass of wine

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          I agree. I call them "fish candy!"

      1. Here's a photo of an anchovy salad I had at Cafe St. Rose in Santa Rosa, Calif. Shaved fennel, wild arugula, spicy marinated olives, olive oil, and crusty bread --- simple is best.

        1. I have a good idea. A friend of mine who is a great cook and has a restaurant had us over for dinner. An appetizer of deviled eggs was served. It was simple farm fresh eggs and she made her own mayonnaise. (Save time and use Hellman's) She presented them with a solitary white anchovy on each deviled egg. I ate so many, I couldn't eat dinner. It was incredibly delicious. This was amazing. This combination is near perfection.

          1. One of my favorite things to do is to make a canape with them (from a Delicioso recipe) using avocados. I slice a narrow baguette (thin slices), brush with olive oil, toast, then add mayonnaise, a slice of avocado and an anchovy. I've substituted cocktail onions for the anchovies for friends who don't eat fish. A really wonderful combination of flavors.

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              We ate them as a Thanksgiving hors d'oevre (yeah, my family rolls that way) on thin garlic crackers, with a thin slivers of ripe tomato and red onion. Even the five year old loved it!