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Nov 7, 2006 04:48 PM

where can I get fried aji?

Is there a good japanese katsu restaurant around los angeles area where they have fried aji?

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  1. Did you watch Dotch Cooking on Saturday? :)

    It looks delicious, I'd like to try it as well.

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    1. re: melonbar

      Yes! My grandma was in hospital so we watch the show together and we were sooo hungery! My grandma is getting out of hopital today and first thing she wants to do is go eat aji katsu. Let's see if anyone knows about it! ^^

    2. I had it once at Gardena Bowl Coffee Shop. It was one of their specials of the day. I never had it before and glad I tried it. Give them a call and see when and if they'll have it again.

      Gardena Bowl Coffee Shop
      15707 S Vermont Ave
      Gardena, CA 90247
      (310) 532-0820

      1. A bit late, but... Koraku in Little Tokyo has fried aji on the menu. I'm not sure about their Torrance and/or Valley locations, though I've heard the menus are very similar.

        Koraku (Little Tokyo)
        314 E 2nd St
        Los Angeles, CA 90012

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        1. re: weebie

          I've tried the aji fry at Koraku and it's excellent. We actually went to Koraku after watching the liver leek, ginger pork, and aji fry Dotch episodes. I am always salivating after watching Dotch!!

          Ginger Pork - the pork was blah, the sauce was blah
          Liver Leek - salty and bland, I don't think they deep fry the liver like on Dotch
          Aji Fry - excellent, really juicy and crispy and surprisingly doesn't taste greasy

          I've also tried the Koraku and Kimchee ramen there, and the aji fry is the only thing that I have tried that was good so far. Definitely go try it!