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Nov 7, 2006 04:32 PM

Christmas dinner in downtown Toronto, need help quick!

We have out hotel reservations but need a place to have a Christmas dinner (turkey on the menu would be nice) in central downtown location for a few adults. I just realized there could be a problem finding a place open and still taking reservations. I just looked on and contributors recommended Old Mill (1/2 hour driving in winter not my cup of tea, but already sold out) and Truffles at Four Season or Epic at Royal York, but I dont want to spend a huge amount since we are already paying for transportation, hotel, shows (rockettes etc). We are staying near union station but anything from there up to Bloor would be ok. Traditional meal preferred but will welcome all suggestions. Any ideas so I could book something pleasant before its too late? This is the first time we have travelled at Christmas -- what are your ideas where we could we reserve for the Christmas meal and what is there to do in frigid weather in Toronto for the holidays ? Help........

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  1. The Delta Chelsea (Gerrard and Yonge) has a nice Christmas buffet, including turkey and fixings. It is quite reasonable ($36) per person and opens at 5pm. I think they also do lunch on that day. Their number is 416-595-1975 and it is impt. to book soon - though it sounds like your party is fairly small.

    1. Chinatown will be open for Christmas dinner! We did it last year!

      1. i had a great christmas dinner at the Park Hyatt a couple of years ago. Great food, great service and the chef gave all diners some marinated cherries as a gift at the end.

        1. Hi, i am also looking for somewhere to go for traditional christmas dinner, am a skint student and want somewhere we can have a drink and a laugh so not too posh where i would be scared to sneeze! any ideas? i stay near yogne and college so somewhere near as i dont drive and cabs will be hard to come by i guess. thanks in advance anyone!

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            All of the downtown hotels will be open, if you are near Union Station why not try the Fairmont Royal York for dinner? Its a more traditional setting also
            On Christmas Day everything will be closed but most stores/restaurants will be re-opened the next day. Try the Royal Ontario Museum for its new Diamonds exhibition and the Art Gallery of Ontario (it re-opens in Nov) They are both downtown
            I also wanted to say that Christmas time is never as cold in TO as it gets to be in Jan/Feb, so do not despair

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              check with the hotel first to avoid disappointment, for instance the dining room in the Marriott Bloor Yorkville isn't open for dinner on Christmas day