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Nov 7, 2006 04:22 PM

Falletti's/Petrini's/DeLessio open TODAY

The Broderick Place development is up and running! I just became one of their first customers. There's a few empty shelves while they stock up, but there is meat and produce and some very friendly people working today.

The store is a little smaller than I thought, but the product selection is good for the space. They have Bob's Red Mill grains and cereals, Semifreddi breads and rolls, Straus creamery milk and butter, etc.

DeLessio is supposed to open too but wasn't as of 9am. They had food out so maybe they are just running a few hours late.

Hip hip hooray for a new quality market open in the neighborhood!

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      This earlier thread calls it "Divisaghetto".

      But I think the developing vernacular is NOPA in San Francisco.

      Other reports?

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Ah. Broderick Place is near the Giants' ballpark.

          1. re: Melanie Wong


            It was the Western Addition when we moved to this neighborhood in 1976. It's now "North of the Panhandle" (NOPA)...from Masonic Avenue to Divisadero Street and from Turk Street to Fell Street, technically. But Falletti's at "Broderick Place" (development name) is across from the DMV on Broderick between Fell and Oak Streets, technically in the Haight or the Western Addition? Let's not split hairs, it's in the 'hood and I can walk to Falletti's.
            There's no "South of the Panhandle" because that's The Haight...just as South Park has no North Park...that I know?

            Clover Organic Eggnog, Panorama breads, pomelo and figs in Produce, Marianne's Ice Cream, and more!

          2. re: Robert Lauriston

            No, It is directly across the street from the DMV. Between Fell and Oak.

      2. Went there on the way back from work this evening (walking home from USF.) Very pleasant atmosphere. Tiny compared with the old store that always had an odd item to find on some shelf or in some corner that you hadn't notice before in that huge space. The meat counter, which was gigantic in the old store, and stocked with some of the most interesting and unusual cuts of meat you had ever seen, is quite a bit smaller, but every bit as interesting and attractive. "Pork steak", ground chicken thigh meat, and the absolutely perfect lamb chops that I purchased, (along with some chives, and a mini-panettone) are just a few of the treasures. Very obliging staff and definitely an asset in the (greater) neighborhood. DeLessio was still not open at 6:00pm and looked like it might be a few days away from doing so.

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        1. re: Boythefoodtalksto

          DeLessio's is open as of now, 11/12 - tres chi chi deli fare, pate, chocolates, comfort food in warming bins, etc etc.

          I'm stoked so far to have Faletti's in the 'hood - their butchers have been very helpful in our 3 visits, and they have the "undesirable" odds and ends for stock. When I bought 2 chickens the other day, they asked if I wanted them cut up, and have been accomodating otherwise. Duck confit is apparently going to be available (but isn't yet). "Natural" (whatever that means) NY Steak was $17/lb ($2/lb more than the not-"natural"), $3.50/lb'ish for organic chicken. Both had excellent flavor.

          They're not inexpensive overall, but the quality seems good so far. I haven't yet prodded them on the locality of their perishables. Definitely a step above the Haight St. Market and leagues beyond Albertson's Fulton location.

          Hootch-wise they have a reasonable-looking wine wall, although most of the wines I recognize are near the bottom :), and their beer by the bottle is Belgian-leaning, which suits me fine.

          1. re: adampaul

            The butchers are ridiculously friendly.

            The produce is noticeably better than I expected. In fact, a tip for anyone cooking Thanksgiving locally is that they have the largest shallots I have ever laid eyes on right now at Falletti's - meaning a lot less work peeling a lot of shallots for turkey day.

            1. re: celeste

              I had a great experience with the butchers too. Makes me very happy they're back in the neigborhood (I was too poor to shop there 10 years ago and sadly was stuck with the un-safeway on fillmore). I don't feel as satisfied with the produce selection though. It seems limited on things I would think would be pretty standard--like arugula or celery root.

              I've thought everyone working there was great and friendly, but have been surprised about how little the check-out staff knows the produce: both days they had to ask me what stuff was. Yesterday one guy rank up anise as pearl onions, asked me what the green beans were (and rang them as chinese long beans) and rang my small yellow potatoes as sweet potatoes. I know they're still figuring stuff out and I would expect them to not know prices, but I'm wondering if anyone is giving any training in produce?

              I might write to the produce buyer about some of the stuff I wish they carried--I'm hoping they are as receptive to requests as the butchers are.

              All in all...I'm super happy with it.

              1. re: cjp

                Yes, my produce comment was more on the line of what is there is very good quality. But there are holes, in the grocery dept as well due to the limited space.

                And, I agree, the checkout staff still doesn't know much. They don't seem as connected to the operation as the Petrini guys, or the people on the floor. Hopefully that will smooth out with time, because overall this is just such a great addition to the neighborhood food procurement scene!

                1. re: cjp

                  I had a good giggle there yesterday....I asked a young friendly guy at the butchers case whether they had 'sweetbreads'...he said all the breads were in the aisle behind me....a more 'mature' butcher overheard this and came rushing over...abashed and apologizing.....he educated the young butcher, and then let me know they would have some by thursday...he apologized again, but I just thought it was funny!!!

                  1. re: ChowFun_derek

                    I saw fresh sweetbreads displayed in the case when I was there before Thanksgiving.

          2. my friend wanted to go check this place out to suss out our christmas menu today. i'm glad we did only because i found a round of cheese that cracked me up. it had a picture of wallace and gromitt on it, and proudly read, "real wensleydale cheese!" i could just hear wallace's voice shouting it. unfortunately, i didnt care very much for the cheese. but maybe i was wearing the wrong trousers.

            1. Fellow ancients may remember that the original Petrini's market at Masonic and Fulton shared ownership with Faletti & Baldocchi...Petrini for meat, F&B for groceries. They were by far the best in town.