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Nov 7, 2006 04:09 PM

RUB BBQ questions

I'm looking to get a large group together to go to RUB and eat, well, just about everything they have I hope. To that end, some questions:

1) Does anyone know if they take reservations for large groups?
2) Are the duck, pastrami, deep fried ribs, etc as good as I imagine they are/should be?
3) Do they have TVs there - would it be reasonable to have a bunch of people there on a Sunday afternoon for football?
4) If you call ahead, can you make sure that they have certain cuts of meat?
5) Anything else I should know about RUB?

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  1. 1) Call them
    2) I don't think they do the deep fried ribs anymore. Pastrami is hit or miss. Never tried the duck. Best choices seem to be the ribs, burnt ends and chicken wings. Get the "Taste of the Baron" if you want to try everything, then ask for more of the best stuff.
    3) 1 or 2 TVs. Not very big.
    4) They usually have most cuts of meat. I doubt they can guarantee anything.
    5) Order the onion strings

    1. the pastrami is a bit chewy for my tastes...same with the brisket. frankly, i dont order pastrami unless its at katz's. if you go early enough, they rarely run out of the standard stuff like ribs and even the burnt ends. the only things that ive seen them run out of is the duck. the only sides that i like there are the onion strings and the baked beans which are the best ive ever had. the service has gotten progressively worse. i usually order the pulled pork with quarter pork ribs or the burnt ends. everything else is just okay. but its the best rib and pork bbq in the city in my opinion.

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        "rarely run out of the standard stuff???" In each of the half dozen or so times I've eaten there, they have ALWAYS run out of something standard, even by 7PM. I have never come across any other type of bbq joint or any restaurant that can't figure out how to keep their main items in stock. It is stunnning! Maybe this would be forgiveable if RUB was the end all and be all in bbq, but it is not. It is like most other bbq joints where they are good on good days and mediocre the rest of the time.

      2. I think the duck is one of the best things on RUB's menu. If your group has access to a car, take a drive up to Bailey's Smokehouse in Blauvelt, NY (it's about 15-20 minutes once you're across the GWB). There are some posts on it over on the tri-state board. Bailey's is basically a sports bar, so there plenty of televisions and the bbq is better than RUB's all around. I especially like the brisket.

        1. I think RUB is one of the most overrated places in NYC. Brother Jimmy's is better than that joint...

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          1. re: nychowgirl

            Brother Jimmy's is a treasure, but the food itself does not even approach R.U.B.

          2. Dinosaur kicks it's ass as well.