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Nov 7, 2006 04:01 PM

Byward Market lunches

After over 10 years in the downtown "core" of Ottawa, our offices are moving to the Market which means that the hunt for good take-out lunches begins anew. So, any favourites for take-out Chinese, Indian, or sushi, or anything else of interest? Also, I will miss my Grace Ottawa jamaican patties so any suggestions for patties would be helpful.

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  1. Ahora for Mexican, Totoya for sushi, and La Bottega for sandwiches and their daily pasta special.

    1. Agreed with all of distobj's suggestions...

      Bottega just raised their prices slightly, but the deli sandwiches are still a steal at $5 since you could make multiple regular size sandwiches with the amount of meat they pile on. More of my faves include: the chicken tikka wrap at Shafali Bazaar (market mall), Planet Coffee for a nice variety of chow, sushi at Wasabi.

      I also used to like to get soup a place called Les Soupières on Dalhousie. I just discovered that they have moved and downsized to a much more modest place on By Ward. They are now just selling soup to go out of the frozen yogurt place near the market stalls. Although I have yet to try their stuff in the new place (as bizarre as selling soup out of a frozen yogurt place sounds) I have faith that it would still be good - or at least worth a try.

      I think you hit the jackpot for patties at good ones that I know of in the market. Stock up!