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Nov 7, 2006 03:33 PM

Amrhein' or closed?

I read a post on this board that Amrhein's had closed permanently...any truth to that? I'm looking for some lunch places near the South Boston Convention Center. Thanks!

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  1. As far as I know, they are still open. You may have been reading an old post--the old Amrhein's had shut down for several months, and no one was sure they were going to re-open. They did re-open last year, as a more upscale restaurant.

    Personally, I like the old Amrhein's better, but the new one isn't bad.

    1. Open with new menu. More upscale.

      1. I don't think either the new or old Amrhein's is worth trying. It's just bad. The same people own Mul's Diner across the street where I have been served overdone bagel and underdone burger and pancake. The old Mul's was cafeteria style food served by sullen waitstaff. The new is overpriced and still has that mass-produced taste but perhaps has moved into Holiday Inn style from cafeteria quality.

        Just avoid it.

        There are places in the Leather District, Chinatown, etc. If you want a nice pub-style place, go to Jacob Wirth's in Chinatown. The food is good and the atmosphere authentic.