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Nov 7, 2006 03:23 PM

Tacos, Times Square. . . help.

I work in Times Square, looking for authentic mexican or at least very good tacos for take out lunch. Maybe some small bodega or shop that I don't know about.

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  1. Disregard, I hear La Paloma is the place.

    1. Tehuitzingo
      695 10th Ave | Btwn 47th & 48th St

      maybe a little far from where you work, though

      1. Just had La Paloma, exactly what I was looking for, soft corn tortilla, hot homeade salsa.(I realize I am responding to myself here)

        Tehuitzingo looks a bit far but I will give it a try next time, thanks.

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          1. re: zGustibus

            La Paloma's at 359 W 45th St. (btwn 8th & 9th). The burritos are extraordinary and probably better than tacos. Hike to Tehuitzingo for really authentic $2 tacos and a fun "secret window at the back of the bodega" feel.

            1. re: D...DF

              I've been looking for burritos in NYC (when I visit from Boston) to match Anna's Taqueria or Boca Grande... I'll have to give la Paloma's a try.

              I need my tortilla steamed before rolling... I called La Paloma's and they say they steam _or_ grill. Cool.

              1. re: dmel

                Sadly, they mean that they steam the burrito AFTER it's been rolled. Burritos are OK but not worth a special trip -- nothing like Anna's or Boca (sigh...). Tacos (sans lettuce -- my preference) are totally the way to go. Try the chorizo...

                PS: The only NYC place that steams the tortilla, as opposed to the whole burrito, is Kitchen Market. Again, however, not on par with Anna's or Boca.

        1. Skip everything else and just go to Tehuitzingo. We've got a bunch of pictures on our site of a recent meal there. We really love the place, and the people who run the place are very sweet.



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            1. re: zGustibus

              Do they still not serve carne or pollo asada? I have to admit, I've always held that against just doesn't seem right at a taco place.

              1. re: a_and_w

                They had a pollo asada special a few weeks back. But full disclosure: I didn't taste it. There's also no way to predict what special dishes they'll be serving, even though there's an official rota, so I can't tell you when/if it'll ever return!