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Where to Eat in Key West and On the Way

Any suggestions you've tried recently?

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  1. Have you ever been to the Keys and Key West? If so what have you tried in the past? What type of food are you looking for on this trip? There is lots and lots to choose from.

    1. Blue Heaven is my favorite KW haunt, but my most strident reccomendation is to GET OFF DUVAL! Go off the main drag to find the really great places, and definitely, don't be in a hurry for anything! My favorite place for cuban pork and plantains is actually a stand connected to the Southernmost Market, a little convenience store.

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        OH, and also, I know breakfast at Blue Heaven is considered the Gold Standard, but I prefer to breakfast at Pepe's and my all time favorite breakfast comes from the Banana Cafe, which *is* on Duval, near the Southern end.

      2. I have never been to key west, and yes i always go on the main drag. I've been to some dives - an Italian place, big fish--all pretty bad. I've been to the little bar before the 7 mile bridge that had some nice steamed shrimp in a bowl. I guess real fresh seafood, and some good local homecooking - plus any interesting bakeries in key west. I bring my own wine, so a bar/cocktails atmosphere for me is not so important. Thanks!

        1. I'm not sure what your starting point is, but on the way down, some good stops within a mile or two of the turnpike are:

          El Puerto de Vallarta, Mexican seafood, great ceviche, soups and micheladas, 4811 S Dixie Hwy, Homestead
          The Pit, decent barbecue, good mustard sauce and deep fried pillsbury-style biscuits, 16400 SW 8th St., Miami
          El Palacio de los Jugos, Cuban food and great juices, 14300 SW 8th St., Miami
          Robert is Here, all kinds of seasonal tropical fruit and killer milkshakes, 19200 SW 344th St., Homestead/FL City

          All of these places have been mentioned in other posts here, so searching for them should yield more info on each. As for what to eat in KW, there are lots of options. My suggestions would be:

          5 Brothers Grocery for great Cuban sandwiches, bollos and coffee
          915 for very a diverse menu of small plates and a few entrees--probably one of the more progressive menus in town.
          Antonia's for Italian.
          Ambrosia for sushi.
          Waterfront Market for sandwiches and all manner of produce, juices, seafood and groceries.

          1. Coles Peace for great bread in KW
            Croissants de France for a good bakery
            Fish Cutters (mile marker 25) really good seafood
            El Siboney for Cuban
            Ambrosia for Sushi
            Saniago's Bodega for Tapas

            1. Nick is on the money but bring gold bars to enjoy Robert is Here! Overpriced is an understatement! There is a place in Islamorada on the right side just north of the touristic fisheries restaurant and fishing shop which is along the bay and is nicely decorated and cool. Check it out! Sorry for the lame description though!

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                Any places where local fishermen hang out/eat?

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                  Not any place in particular. After being around fish all day long.......its the last thing they want to see(as one told me). Plus they do take home some of what is caught and eat it there. You will find many of them at Conch Republic around happy hour. Same with the Half Shell Raw Bar.

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                    There are a few down home places in Marathon near Burdine's Waterfront on or around 15th Street. I tried to find the other one I ate at last year which had great character (better than the food) last year, but no luck. It's worth turning off near there because it has substance.

                2. Don't miss Mangrove Mama's on the way into KW if you are driving. Plan to land at lunch time for a great start for your vacation. Great food, drinks, people, and atmoshere. It is around MM 10/20.