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Nov 7, 2006 02:34 PM

10% off at Sussanah Foo's

I just happend to note on the Center City Distrrict weekly email a link for a coupon good till end of month. Thought I'd share the link.

Steve R.

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  1. Perhaps a wise move in that people that might normally go to her downtown place are now going to her new place in Radnor? I recently went to her new place in Radnor and enjoyed it very much. I never went to her downtown place so I can't compare and contrast them.

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      what ? you've been to the noodle house and there is no post on it! shame on you!

      nah, kidding...but, please, do tell

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        My wife and I keep an informal site of restaurant recs as a service to my students at a local university. Here is what she just finished penning about our meal Sunday night at Susanna Foo's Gourmet Kitchen:

        Susanna Foo’s Gourmet Kitchen (555 East Lancaster Avenue, Radnor; 610-688-8808) opened in late October 2006, and we were lucky enough to get reservations with our friends on a Sunday evening, and to speak with the namesake owner as she mingled with diners. True to its stated purpose, we did see several families together for dinner, along with the typical Main Liners. The interior allowed for some private tables, outdoor seating, and a lovely red retro main dining room. We ordered some Nigori (unfiltered) sake and wine and beer from the drink list. Since it is also to be a dumpling house, we tried the dumpling sampler ($18) appetizer which gave us two of each of five different dumplings, which were much lighter and of higher quality than any we’d tried before. Being “sushi snobs”, we also ordered the big eye tuna platter ($23) with a spicy tuna roll, tuna sashimi, sushi, and tartare. The presentation was beautiful, quality was good, but only 2 small pieces of sashimi and sushi were included, in line with “upscale main line prices.” The four of us then shared entrees which were served in large dishes to the table along with bowls of wonderful rice. We enjoyed all of the entrees, but had different opinions as to which was our favorite. The dessert hound liked the Szechwan seafood ($25) which had a good sauce with a bit of heat, but not overdone. Our friends loved the cod with white miso and Japanese eggplant ($23), and remarked that the spicy Mongolian Jamison lamb ($19) had a mild lamb flavor with a good sauce. We also liked Susanna’s crispy duck with sweet potato puree ($24). Overall, we were impressed with quality ingredients and flavorful but not overpowering sauces. There was still a bit of room for dessert. The coconut crème brulee had understated coconut flavor in the rich custard. The chocolate sampler had small tastes of 3 chocolate cakes and 2 chocolate confections, which were good (but the dessert hound could always eat more). We also tried wonderful tea brewed in traditional pots, Scotch, and dessert wine to finish the meal. We’re guessing that we won’t be lucky enough to get reservations again too soon, since this will be a very popular spot. We're confident that this place and Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar next door will be printing money for years to come! A note on parking- yes, there is parking available, but it’s valet service.

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          excellent report. thanks a million!

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            Thanks for the informative review. Sounds good!

      2. I have not been myself but my family went and LOVED their meals. I saw the menu and it is resonable. I must try it myself.

        1. A friend went there for lunch last week and tried to order the dumpling sampler. She was advised that they were "out of" the vegetarian dumplings and that their steamer was broken, so she could only have pan fried dumplings. She thought they were good, but that this was not a good omen for a dumpling house.

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            I was there on Friday night and also heard the "steamer broken" issue, b/c I wanted the steamed scallop dumplings. I got them pan fried though, and they were AWESOME.

          2. I was there for lunch today; the duck was overcooked. Still tasty, but overcooked.

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              Hey, maybe you got the second string staff since it was a Monday. :-)

              The duck my wife and I had for dinner the other night was cooked pretty much perfectly.

            2. Has anyone cooked from her cookbook?