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Nov 7, 2006 02:30 PM

inexpensive sushi in phoenix?

Having just returned from a trip the San Francisco Bay, I'm craving both sushi and a rebound for my checking account. Does anyone know of good, cheap sushi in the area? The closer to PV mall the better. I don't need anything award winning, but hopefully not Fry's california rolls.

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  1. if you can do lunch, you'll be in great shape, as I'd suggest Hiro's 10$ special (5 handrolls plus soup).. they're at 90th and Shea, and if not, Mr. Sushi is an oldie but goodie too... thats 1-17 and Northern. But even at dinner, you'd be hardpressed to find someplace that will compete financially with SF sushi prices. Kampai is a good bet, and my friends swear by Tokyo Lobby.

    People will talk about Ra, and Stingray, etc. But I find those places to be more about being seen and less about sushi.

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      Mr. Sushi was actually the first restaurant I ate in when I moved to Phoenix 17 years ago. I've visited periodically over the last two decades and the quality has been consistent in each visit. It's not all that close to PV Mall, but definitely a good choice if one is near MetroCenter. It's a bit hard to find, but look for it in an unassuming strip mall on the north side of Northern just east of I-17.

    2. Shogun is across the street from PV mall on the east side of Tatum. I consider it a good neighborhood sushi restaurant -- not the absolute best in town, but certainly solid and reliable.

      A bit farther north, I have heard raves about Kampai on Bell Road, although I have not yet had a chance to visit.

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        Just a side note on Shogun-if you're looking to save money, eat at the sushi bar. I don't know if it's like this at every sushi joint, but I know at this one if you eat in the dining room and order sushi, they tack on an extra dollar or two to your bill.

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          I confirm, Kampai is great. It's small and not all crazy like the Snottsdale locals.

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            I've been to Kampai twice. I feel like the prices are market for two pieces of nigiri but you get only one.
            Takamatsu and Mr Sushi are my favs. The all-you-can-eat on 19th south of Dunlap was surprisingly good very fresh and very popular.

        2. I really like Kampai. It's a bit less expensive that the fancier places and is more of a basic sushi place. It's menu isn't full of fancy, trendy rolls. The fish has always been tasty and you get single pieces for nigiri per order, so you can try more fish. Shogun has some good rolls, but their fish sometimes doesn't look quite as fresh. I live just up 32nd Street from Kampai, so I tend to go there. I tried Satori at 101st St and Bell, and it's good too.

          1. We've had good luck at Shogun. Solid and reliable is a good description - and the price is right.

            1. To those who have replied... what do you call a reasonable price? Can I (average appetite) fill up for under 10? under 7?

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                Well, I usually get a couple rolls and three or four pieces of sushi. Depending on my selections, it's around $20 or so. But if you order something like a rainbow roll, you can probably fill up for around $10 or so.