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inexpensive sushi in phoenix?

Having just returned from a trip the San Francisco Bay, I'm craving both sushi and a rebound for my checking account. Does anyone know of good, cheap sushi in the area? The closer to PV mall the better. I don't need anything award winning, but hopefully not Fry's california rolls.

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  1. if you can do lunch, you'll be in great shape, as I'd suggest Hiro's 10$ special (5 handrolls plus soup).. they're at 90th and Shea, and if not, Mr. Sushi is an oldie but goodie too... thats 1-17 and Northern. But even at dinner, you'd be hardpressed to find someplace that will compete financially with SF sushi prices. Kampai is a good bet, and my friends swear by Tokyo Lobby.

    People will talk about Ra, and Stingray, etc. But I find those places to be more about being seen and less about sushi.

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      Mr. Sushi was actually the first restaurant I ate in when I moved to Phoenix 17 years ago. I've visited periodically over the last two decades and the quality has been consistent in each visit. It's not all that close to PV Mall, but definitely a good choice if one is near MetroCenter. It's a bit hard to find, but look for it in an unassuming strip mall on the north side of Northern just east of I-17.

    2. Shogun is across the street from PV mall on the east side of Tatum. I consider it a good neighborhood sushi restaurant -- not the absolute best in town, but certainly solid and reliable.

      A bit farther north, I have heard raves about Kampai on Bell Road, although I have not yet had a chance to visit.

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        Just a side note on Shogun-if you're looking to save money, eat at the sushi bar. I don't know if it's like this at every sushi joint, but I know at this one if you eat in the dining room and order sushi, they tack on an extra dollar or two to your bill.

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          I confirm, Kampai is great. It's small and not all crazy like the Snottsdale locals.

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            I've been to Kampai twice. I feel like the prices are market for two pieces of nigiri but you get only one.
            Takamatsu and Mr Sushi are my favs. The all-you-can-eat on 19th south of Dunlap was surprisingly good very fresh and very popular.

        2. I really like Kampai. It's a bit less expensive that the fancier places and is more of a basic sushi place. It's menu isn't full of fancy, trendy rolls. The fish has always been tasty and you get single pieces for nigiri per order, so you can try more fish. Shogun has some good rolls, but their fish sometimes doesn't look quite as fresh. I live just up 32nd Street from Kampai, so I tend to go there. I tried Satori at 101st St and Bell, and it's good too.

          1. We've had good luck at Shogun. Solid and reliable is a good description - and the price is right.

            1. To those who have replied... what do you call a reasonable price? Can I (average appetite) fill up for under 10? under 7?

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                Well, I usually get a couple rolls and three or four pieces of sushi. Depending on my selections, it's around $20 or so. But if you order something like a rainbow roll, you can probably fill up for around $10 or so.

              2. I would think that $10 is a challenge, especially if also ordering a beverage. Most places named would come in around $20 for a typical meal.

                1. Eastwind at Thunderbird and Tatum is cheap and surprisingly good. It's mostly generic rolls, but great when you don't want to spend 20+ dollars in scottsdale where Hiro is my choice.

                  1. We like Sakana at 48th st and Elliot. That's probably too far south for you though? I believe they have a Scottsdale location as well but we've never been there as this one is in our neck of the woods.

                    Good fresh fish and not too expensive...but not so cheap you only need $10.

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                      I think the Scottsdale Sakana is at Hayden and Indian Bend (Indian School?). They have a web site with the addresses.

                    2. Sakana has great lunch specials, complete with miso and green salad.

                      1. i enjoyed Sakana, but we all thought (i was with 8 people) that the prices were ridiculous, especially for the sushi, which was just OK.

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                          i work right next to the scottsdale sakana (walk there) and they have a sakana lunch special for like 10 bucks that comes with salad & miso soup & probably about 5 pieces of nigiri sushi, 6 pieces of california roll, deep fried squid on a stick and maybe more. it's actually huge. i think their sushi is fine and have no problem with it as we go there for work lunches often.

                          when it's purely at my call, we typically go to kampai and i think it is cheap. my wife and i can eat like crazy, have a big beer to share & a bottle or two of decent sake (karatanba) and get out for $60ish - going omakase from yuki-san. never been there for lunch.

                          the guys there who own kampai (yuki-san and aji-san (sp)) coincidentally used to be at shogun right there at pv mall before they opened up kampai but that was a million years ago. haven't been to shogun in 15+ years.

                          i also think kyoto in old town scottsdale (which was the start of my whole sushi obsession back in the 80s - it was one of the first ones around when masa opened it with equipment he bought when benihanna on indian school & scottsdale road closed) has respectable sushi for super, super cheap. not sure about lunch though.

                          if you're not a major picky sushi afficianado, i think the sakana lunch is a huge bargain for most people. if i were picking and was near your location, i'd try kampai (and sit at the bar and eat what yuki-san recommends).

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                            ccl1111 ...I second Sakana. Their $10 lunch special can't be beat! The portions are enormous...great value and fresh. I watch them make it to order as I sit @ the bar.
                            Last week I had a Mahi Mahi tempura w/ Salad and Miso soup for $8. It could have easily fed 3-4 people the portion was so large. It was delicious!

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                              I have learned to deal with Sakana. I like it for the quantity and the convenience of the location to my home. I can't handle the CA roll that comes with the lunch special, nor was I a fan of the spicy tuna. I stick to simpler nigiri sushi. Last time, I had the squid salad which was mostly squid, and a great bargain at $5. http://sakanasushi.com

                              Sushi Mishima, 5534 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ has a similar $10 lunch special. I have preferred it over Sakana, but, the last time I was there, it was a little off, and I was the only customer over the entire lunch hour on a Wed.

                              I also tried Sushi Ken, last week. I had a combo dinner, sashimi and salmon teriyaki. This was only about $16 and included salad, soup, lots of sashimi, the salmon, and good rice. A great bargain, I was stuffed. All very tasty, except the teriyaki was a bit salty for my taste. The address is approximately 4200 E Chandler Blvd, Ahwatukee, AZ.

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                                yeah, i actually like a lot of the other dishes at sakana as well. i really, really dig the calamari salad with the deep fried jalapenos. it at least feels a bit healthy even if it's not. : ) i also get the chicken cutlet often which is good. and i've gotten the chicken donburi several times and also liked it.

                          2. There's Moto, in Phoenix (SE corner 16th St/ Glendale; just off Hwy 51). I haven't been there yet, but a lot of people I know talk highly of it. Casual and fairly inexpensive.

                            Here's their website: http://www.mrmotorising.com

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                              I can not speak highly of it. On both of my visits, the rolls I ordered were PRE MADE. ugh... really low quality, but a neat little place.

                              As far as I am concerned, the only sushi in phoenix is Hana

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                                I had the same experience at Moto as AZBCon. Two out of three rolls were pre-fab and nasty. The roll that was fresh made wasn't bad, but there are much better places to be found.

                            2. Another decent suggestion is Sapporo in Scottsdale. (Scottsdale Rd. just north of T-bird) They do a terrific Happy Hour. From 4-7, 7 days a week. They offer 15 different rolls 6-8pcs ea. @ under $5 and a few Nigiri offerings also under $5. Get there early...as it gets very busy!

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                                I found this forum when searching for "sapporo scottsdale". As major an attraction that this place is, I'm shocked they don't have a website. The link referenced above by ciaogal is bogus.

                                Anyone else enjoy making their own sushi? I find it a great way to relax at home. I work so much, so hard, that it's a great way to feel grounded at home on a quiet Sunday evening.

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                                  That weblink did work @ one time.
                                  Try this link instead:

                                  it should work.........

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                                    By the way, anyone know of a shojin restaurant in AZ?

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                                      The link she just posted works fine for me.

                                2. You're two best options for quality, quantity AND cost are down in Chandler. JUST N. of Elliott Rd. on Arizona Ave is Pacific Seafood Buffet. At the NE corner of Dobson and Warner Rds. is Phoenix BBQ Palace. Both are $7+ lunch, and 11+ at dinner.

                                  Both ARE pre-made, but in small batches. I can't recall anything bad yet. Pacific puts out less of a roll selection, BUT ...they include tempura rolls in that mix. Plus, I'm told that the sushi crew will 'build-to-suit' for tips. PBBQ puts out over a dozen varieties of rolls, and about a half-dozen sashimi. I don't know one way or the other if they will prepare to order.

                                  Both venues also have a large array of hot seafood dishes, as well as things like roast duck, pork ribs, etc. Either is worth the drive for you, espesially if you need the fix.

                                  1. I would second Shogun and Eastwind, with Eastwind probably being the cheaper of the two. Also try Cafe Kobe on Cactus just west of PV Pkwy. It's next to Voodoo Daddy's in the Target shopping center.

                                    1. My experience with Sakana in Ahwatukee is that it is relatively cheap, generous portions, not very artful. Kampai is a good value, not real cheap, and very good sushi. Akaihana/Mr. Sushi is the local winner for inexpensive sushi of consistently good quality.

                                      1. There's a great place that just opened called Yasu. 4316 East Cactus, in the Target shopping center right next Voo Doo Daddy's.

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                                          That's what I was thinking of. It used to be called Cafe Kobe, right?

                                        2. Has anyone tried the new sushi place on...i want to say Hayden and Thompson Peak? Its in the Safeway shopping center

                                          1. Try Kyotos in Oldtown Scottsdale... really cheap, great tasting sushi, plus tapenyaki in the evenings. I love it!