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Nov 7, 2006 01:18 PM

best white pie in ny other than louie & ernie's?

i'm posting this query on the outer boroughs board under the assumption that most of the white pie contenders are located here...though i'm not completely discounting the possibility of a good version in manhattan or even the suburbs.

other than louie & ernie's, i don't think i've really had good white pizza in the city. the ricotta that they use there is the best, something i haven't found anywhere else.

btw, i did a search on this site, but wasn't able to unearth anything useful.

thanks in advance.

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  1. Where's Louie and Ernies?
    Best white pie I've had was in Armonk, Westchester at a place called Broadway--although they changed owners and I don't know if the food was affected...

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    1. re: abu applesauce

      louie & ernie's is on 1300 crosby ave (at waterbury ave) in the middletown section of pelham bay in the bronx.

      there's a review of the place at the following link:

      surprisingly, tho, no mention of their white pie.

    2. White Pizza was the creation of Ronnie's Pizza in The Throggs Neck section of the Bronx, circa the late 70's early 80's. At that time it was completely unheard of, and really piqued the interests of a lot of pizza lovers. His pizza shop was featured on WPIX Channel 11 revealing the secret behind all the buzz. I enjoy a good white pizza. Louie's and Ernie's has great deep fried cheese calzones, no argument there. For white pizza, two locations come to mind:

      Lorettas Pizza & Heros (1st choice)
      3276 Layton Ave
      Bronx, NY 10465
      (718) 931-5511

      Crosby Pizza Stop (2nd choice)
      1731 Crosby Ave
      Bronx, NY 10461
      (718) 823-8980

      In Mamaroneck you might enjoy:

      Sals Pizzeria (excellent cheese calzones)
      316 Mamaroneck Ave
      Mamaroneck, NY 10543
      (914) 381-2022

      Have fun in your quest.

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      1. re: Cheese Boy

        hey cheese boy, thx so much for the tips! can't wait to try these places.

        a couple of questions, tho:
        -does ronnie's still serve white pizza? if so, is it any good? i'm assuming this is the place on 3579 east tremont ave near lafayette ave/sullivan place in throgs neck that also (reputedly) serves good calzones. if we're talking about the same place, then i'm excited, b/c i'll be able to kill 2 birds w/one stone (white pizza and calzones) when i finally make it up there.

        and if you're referring to a different ronnie's, where in throgs neck is it located? thanks.

        -also, what is your opinion of the white pies at louie & ernie's, and how do they compare with your top 2 choices?

        thanks again.

        1. re: lebron

          Lebron, looks like you're familiar with the neighborhood. Yes, that's the Ronnie's. It used to be located where the present-day Cestra's Pizza is on E. Tremont. Ronnie's is not what it once was. New owners. (The original Ronnie sold the business and moved to Florida years ago) I don't know if they make white pizza, but my guess is yes. Their calzones are good. Many exotic varieties (maybe 10 kinds to choose from). Topped with sesame seeds, etc. Worth a try. DO NOT get their eggplant parm calzone. Awful. Their regular pizza is *very* thin - if you like thin pizza.

          I've had Louie's & Ernie's calzones only. I'll have to try their white pie some day. If you do make it to Loretta's, try their hero's and ask them to "toast the bread". They have the best eggplant parm anywhere. The steak pizzaiola hero is also excellent as long as it isn't oily. Try a white slice and see if you like it before ordering a whole pie. Crosby Pizza is also worthy of a visit (Buhre ave stop off the # 6 train). Hope this helps.

          1. re: Cheese Boy

            hey man, thanks again for the very specific tips. i've taken note of all of this and will be quite prepared when i head out on my white pizza/calzone tour...

            interestingly, i've gotten to know the bronx (and the outer boroughs in general) really well over the past 6-7 years simply by driving around, trying to find these obscurely-located eats.

            thanks again.

            1. re: lebron

              You're a true Chow Hound. Glad to know ya.

          2. re: lebron

            3579 is the location. Ronnie's has awesome calzones, my favorites being chicken parmigiana, and eggplant. I work in the Bronx and drive a few miles just to lunch there. I never tire of it, and I've been going there for 23 years.

          3. re: Cheese Boy

            Did you know that Ronnie was Ernie of Louie & Ernie's son-in-law? Ernie taught him how to make white pies. Ernie made white pies since the 50s. Louie & Ernie's white pie is the original and the best!

            1. re: Pepperonipuss

              Guess my chow-dar is still on. I happened upon Ronnie's this week, instinctually went for the white pizza (which I rarely order), and was about to post about it here, when I found this thread.

              Good place, and SO convenient to Throgs Neck Bridge, like two mins away.

            2. re: Cheese Boy

              My father was the original owner of Ronnie's pizza my name is Robert im his youngest son..And truth be told my grandfather was the original creator of the white pie and he passed it on to my father..Both made it very good and almost identical but my father had a different dough than my grandfather...Ronnie's had the best red&white hands down in my opinion..Last time i was in Ronnie's 2012 it was nothing like my fathers or jimmy who took over after my dad i was upset to see that..Louie and Ernie is still running strong John and Cosmo have kept the pizza and calzones the same and they are both master pizza men and i go back to the Bronx i always eat pizza at L&E

              1. re: ROBE0101

                Robert, very cool reply.

                I remember when Ronnie's was in the present day Cestra's pizza location. It was awesome to watch your dad at work cranking out pies. The red and white pies were second to none and definitely the best ever. Nowadays, no pizza place even comes close. I even remember your dad flicking the ricotta off the spoon and onto the pies with his trusty little knife. I ordered *many* family-size calzones that were his creation also. They probably weighed three to five pounds each.

                Jimmy is gone from Ronnie's, and Vito's is now occupying his location (the same Vito who owns the deli on Buhre). The calzones recently went up in price and are now six bucks a pop, but they're your dad's recipe. Go give them a try and then make your routine stop at L&E.


                1. re: Cheese Boy

                  Thanks for the reply to Robert. Your description of Ronnie and flicking the ricotta off the knife was spot on. Brings back memories . Thank you so much. I am Ernie's daughter.
                  thank you for the memories. On with my sister( Ron's wife) and we are laughing how you remember the details.

            3. My father-in-law, an italiano from booklyn, who made his home in armonk, is constantly telling me, "eli, i gotta take you to sal's"
              I trust him and i certainly trust anyone named Cheese Boy

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              1. re: abu applesauce

                It's all about the cheese. ; ) ... I just hope he doesn't take you at peak hours.

              2. I grew up eating the whire pie at delmar on sheepshead bay road. Haven't tried it in a few years but the place is always a good option for a slice.

                1. Rizzo's in Astoria has a really fine white pie. It's a 4 cheese with a Riccota base.