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Nov 7, 2006 12:51 PM

How do you organize magazine recipes?

Help! I have stacks of cooking magazines with only a few pages folded over in each one.
I'd love to tear the pages out and keep them organized in a recipe-file-type system, so i don't have to keep all of the magazines. I'm looking for more of a book/album - not a recipe box.
Anyone have a good organizer or system they recommend?

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  1. I took a large stack of food mags, clippings and recipe cards and brought them to Staples. For 20.00 they color copied and laminated the entire collection. For 5.00 more I bought a folder with plastic sleeves and inserted each laminated recipe. Works like a charm!

    1. I recently did this!

      I purchased a binder, made categories that made sense to me, ripped the recipes out of the magazines, put the recipes in plastic sleeves and filed accordingly.

      Now, the trouble I foresee is remembering where a certain recipe is: online, in a cookbook, or in the newly created binder. If anyone can help with this . . .

      Good luck.

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      1. re: marthadumptruck about creating an Index page?!

      2. Inexpensive photo albums with peel and stick pages are your best friend. Because the entire page is sticky, you can put as many oddly shaped cut-out recipes as will fit, as opposed to the photo albums with "pockets" that limit the size of the recipes you can put in.

        You can organize the album using stick-on tabs from the office supply store or just get a separate album for each category (if you have a LOT of recipes!).

        Good luck!

        1. Interesting. I did not go with the sticky back method because the glue expires over time, can ruin an original. I was looking to streamline my "recipe stack" - not just re-create a prettier one. Good luck.

          1. i also bought a binder, protector sheets, and dividers.

            works great!

            remembering which recipe is online or in your book? hmm.. you could make index pages and include all your recipes and note "online" next to the ones are aren't in the cookbook .seems like a pain though... hehe

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              I did the same thing except with multi binders, on for each food grouping. I went through all the magazines, ripped out recipes that I liked, recycled the magazines and organized everything into categories.

              With my recent magazines, I have flagged the recipes I want and am taking them to photocopy to that I can then donate the magazines to a hospital or something.

              1. re: junglekitte

                I do the same thing with the protector sheets and dividers. I like being able to take out the page that I am using and clipping it to the rack above my counter. I print out recipes I have tested and liked "online" and put them in the book as well. Don't forget to save pictures.