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Nov 7, 2006 12:13 PM

The Best Pizza in Brooklyn

In one month I am leaving Brooklyn and moving to Los Angeles. This is sad for me for many reasons, but a big one is the lack of amazing pizza. So, I am on mission to try all the best pizza in Brooklyn before I move. I have already gone to Di Fara, L&B Spumoni Gardens, Totonno and Grimaldi's.

Here are the places I have left on my list. It is based on internet and chowhound searches:
Franny's on Flatbush Ave.
Lodomini's Taste of Italy
Lenny's on 5th and Prospect
Del Mar in Sheepshead Bay
Rocco's at 5th and 77th
Krispy Pizzaria

I would love some input. Are these places are worth and am missing any place great.


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  1. Do not waste any time on Lenny's. It's a better than average neighborhood slice but nothing more. I live two blocks away and never visit unless I need food at 1am.

    1. Franny's is great, tasty pizza -- but certainly on the upscale, gourmet end (not a traditional pie or slice). but oh so good. price tags to match.

      worthwhile, but a dinner for two with a drink, a no-alcohol drink, a salad and a pizza (individually sized) cost about $50+. i'll go back because it was divine, but not a bargain.

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        We were impressed by Franny's pie, but think Amorina's is about as good - somewhat diff style of individual pie - also a more laidback vibe and other good italian dishes.

      2. Rocco's is a worse than average slice joint. I just had a pie from there last week, it's not as good as any number of other places in Bay Ridge. If you feel compelled to try one place in the neighborhood, try the grandma pie with fresh mozzarella at Grandma's on 3rd Avenue near Bay Ridge Ave. It's the best I've tried in the area.

        1. If you have time, go to Sam's on Court St. in Cobble Hill. The pizza may not be quite as amazing as Grimaldi's or Totonno's, but it's way better than anything you'll get in L.A. :). But the real reason to go before moving is the atmosphere - including authentic Brooklyn accents and attitude from Louis the waiter. Soak it up for those times you're stuck in a California Pizza Kitchen!

          Good luck in Cali!

          1. there is a new carroll gardens brick oven place that is supposedly good - Lucalli's. here's a thread: