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Cronkite Pizzeria?

Read about this place opening this past weekend and I wanted to check it out for lunch today. Does anyone have any early reviews or opinions on this spot? Is it even open yet? I'm a huge fan of Fornino here in my neighborhood...

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  1. i live in the hood so have been psuedo-stalking the place since i heard about it opening and that it's the guys from fornino (which i haven't been to yet but have heard great things). cronkite had a soft opening (friends & family) this wkd and opened to the public last night. i stopped in around 6 just to chk out the space and look at the menu- looks interesting and delicious! however, i don't believe they're open for lunch (at least not yet). i think they open daily at 5pm...

    1. That's good to know as I read about it too, but had not yet been. Does anyone have any more menu details?


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        Yes I am very curious how this menu stacks up with Fornino's. If it's almost a carbon copy then there is no need to for me to go into the city to check it out. Fornino's is literally 2 blocks from my apartment!

      2. Where is it? Has anyone actually been inside to try their Pizza?

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          Not that this answers your question but the owner, Michael Ayoub, was the original owner of Cucina in Park Slope (5th Ave, where Tempo is now), an excellent Italian restaurant for several years (which then went downhill and closed) and now owns Fornino's (as mentioned), a solid pizza restaurant in W'burg, growing fresh ingredients in back. Given this history, although it seems that none of us have yet been to the Lower E'side to try Cronkite, we're all hopeful.

        2. I'll break the ice (or slice). Nice looking place subterranean up the block from Schillers. I grabbed a small caprese pie to go-fresh mozzarella, tomatoe sauce and hot soppressata. Very thin nice crust. Cheese was good. soppressata was spicer than I expected it which gave it a pepperoni/hot pepper quality that slightly overpowered the pie but it was good. lots of different combinations. next time will try the fennel sausage with broccoli rabe.

          1. I actually ate there last night (Tues). I also live in the LES and have been to Fornino many times, so I've been excited about the new addition to the neighborhood. They told me it was their second day of being open. My friend and I split an appetizer of polenta with wild grilled mushrooms, which had a drizzle of aged sweet balsamic vinegar. It was delicious. I has a small pie with gorgonzola cheese and caramelized onions, while my friend splurged for the pie with shaved black truffles ($30). My pizza was very good and the truffle pizza was out of this world (I love truffles). Both had a fairly thin crust with a nice crunch without being too "crackery". They have a huge wine list (we opted for a nice Chianti at $26 a bottle). We were too full for any dessert. Service was very good. I asked about delivery; they told me a few weeks before they start it up.

            1. Tried it last night. It's the best thing I've eaten in a while. We tried a vongole pie and a Lombardi pie, w/ arugula, mozzarella, and proscuitto. All ingredients high quality, great cracker crust, crust ends have great, concentrated parmesan taste. They serve olives beforehand -- the Sicilian ones are good, the others insipid.
              They have a nice wine list, wine list is by the same guy did Fornino's.
              Atmosphere is OK, service is good.

              1. I talked to the guy Brian behind the bar and he told me that he put together the wine lists both at Fornino and Cronkite.

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                  So many stories. So hard to tell. Lenny, the (beloved) bartender at Mike & Tony's in Park Slope (which Michael Ayoub also owned back when) moved on to work at Downtown Atlantic for a few years when M&T's closed, before moving to Florida. He and Michael are still friends &, when I spoke to Michael before my recent dinner at Cronkite, we talked about how Lenny's doing down there and Michael said that he's thinking of opening a place in Florida w/Lenny. Well... long story not so short... Lenny was very proud of creating the list at Fornino when it opened and used every opportunity to tell me so when I was hanging out at Downtown Atlantic. He said he also was the wine distributor/supplier there. Yo, Brian... you calling Lenny a liar? :-o

                2. God I hate posh pizza places, Otto being the most glaring example. I read about it and was so stoked about trying it. Grant you, even John's is not as sanely priced as once it was, and I know truffles add meaningful value, but is this a precious place? I hope you're not indicating that a small personal pie is $30, because that would be kind of nuts.

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                    I ate there this past Friday night, and the truffle pizza is the only expensive one. The rest of the individual pies are around $13. I had the funghi misti with truffle oil and caciocavallo (I think that's what it's called; it's dried mozzarella). I thought I would be fine eating half the pie and taking the rest home, but of course ten minutes later I'd finished the whole thing. The whole place reeks of truffle, so even if you don't order any, you feel as though you have.

                    Cronkite isn't a posh place at all -- it's upscale only as far as pizza places go. The staff was friendly and helpful, and everyone seemed to be having a great time.