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Nov 7, 2006 11:31 AM

Aneka Rasa, Troquet lunch & more

Had some extra time off after getting back from vacation so took advantage of lunch out last week. Upon return on Wed., was craving Asian food so hit up Wonderspice in JP for a good eggplant/basil/tofu dish. The eggplant itself wasn't the best but there were tons of great vegetables in the dish and overall, it hit the spot for about $7. Thurs. was the Plough & Stars on Mass Ave. for a good patty melt w/ caramelized onions. A little too bready and the burger was a tad beyond medium, but flavorful and great fries, about $9. Friend's black bean soup looked good. Fri. I went downtown to try the Troquet lunch where you order at the downstairs bar and they bring your meal to you. Mostly sandwiches in the $7-8 range. I had a very good grilled roast beef/cheese/caramelized onion panini that came with a little au jus on the side but damn, can you throw a pickle on the plate for $8? Only a couple other people eating there at 1PM. Since I was downtown, I grabbed a sub to go at Al's on State St. That place is great, I'd be there constantly if I worked in the area. All "small" subs are $4.50 and come on much better bread than usual. The "State St." has better than usual prosciutto, good tomatos and basil. I would have liked to have tried their steak & cheese but since this was gonna be eaten the next day, passed on that. Then I bopped over to the Sel de la Terre bakery to get their apple and cherry pie. But it wasn't a typical apple pie, more like an apply custard with cherries in it. Very interesting and good, only $1.75.

Sat. was dinner at Aneka Rasa in Allston where we started with the baby oyster omelette ($6.75) and that was delicious. Friend also got hot & sour soup but not sure what the verdict was. My entree was a dish w/ thin noodles, shrimp & egg and I really liked it. It had a spicy star next to it but wasn't so spicy. Liked it better than his kuala lumpur something or other. Nice thick noodles w/ shrimp and calamari but a slightly odd sauce with it. Noodle and rice dishes are in the $7-8 range which is a great deal and it's comfortable place to chow down.

Some quick snack notes: the new cookies at Dunkin Donuts are quite good altho I kind of miss the old smaller ones. You don't always want a giant cookie but these are worth trying. I still enjoy the heath bar cookies at Carberry's on Prospect St. Got a pistachio shortbread cookie and cherry almond scone at Canto 6 in JP and both were excellent, esp. the cookie at only $.75. That bakery always has an interesting array of stuff, I wish you could really sit around and hang out there.

If anyone needs info on Stockholm, Helsinki or Tallinn, you can read my write-up on the international board. Got my reindeer fix for a while.

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  1. Oh, Joanie, I'm glad you're back. I really missed your voice here. Can you give a bit more description of the DD cookies? I'm assuming they would be very sweet, but perhaps that it a foolish prejudice. I like the Carberry's heath bar cookies, too, but would go there with the car and the hassle of parking in that lot diminishes my impetuous appetite..

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      Thanks for the comment, right when I was wondering why I bother to post here. In any case, I don't think the Dunkin Donut cookies are any sweeter than most others. I've been getting the peanut butter choc. chip and they're loaded with chips, thicker than many, worth the $1.40. Like I said, there was nothing wrong with their smaller $.65 cookies which had a slightly nicer consistency I think (if they hadn't gotten stale), but these are good if you want a big chewy snack. And take the car to Canto 6 and hope they've got the pistachio shortbread, that thing was amazing.

    2. Oh, man, Joanie. I hope you are joking about wondering. Yes, we all use a variety of posters to inform our chowing; you, to my mind, stand out in several ways. The board is full of people prepared to spend more on a single dinner (sometimes it seems *every* dinner) than I spend on a week's feeding of my family, and there are more than a few who turn their noses up to the sky and look down on anything less than the perfectly authentic. You impress me as open minded and sensible, discerning in your tastes and comfortable in your preferences.

      And, you know, more than anything else, in the years I have been visiting this board, you have impressed me with your consistent kindness and generousity in answering the queries of those who stumble in. That means a lot to me. Kindness on a board. Wooo hooo, who'da thunk it:)

      What landmark could I use for Canto 6? Fall is my season for baking. Obviously, I'll need to keep my strength up as I do so....

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        1. re: Aromatherapy

          Amen - I ALWAYS hungrily look forward to your posts, Joanie!

      1. Ditto Barefoot & Preg on all counts! I am frequent reader (as in daily) but infrequent poster, simply because I can't afford to eat out much (gotta feed the kids!). I am simply amazed by the lifestyle some of you are lucky enough to have - so I live vicariously through you. To the point - Joanie, whenever I see your name associated with a post, I read it and always value your feedback. I'm gonna try the cookies. Thanks!

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          Oh shoot, thanks you guys. Now I feel like an idiot but I just get that impression. For better or worse, I think I'm a little easier on places cuz of my Nowheresville, VT upbringing.

          As far as Canto 6 goes, it's on Washington St. right by Green, not far from Doyle's and the infamous Hats Off cheap gas place (traveling away from Forest Hills). Then if you drive up Green St. toward Centre, you can grab something at Blue Frog and see how it compares. BF is still good but I find myself taking a quick drive to C6 rather than a short walk to BF these days.

          1. re: mohotta

            Joanie, I too love your posts! You definitely add great value to this site! Don't 'wonder'anymore! :)

            I really liked Aneka Rasa the one time I went last year, your post inspired me to go back and try it again.