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Nov 7, 2006 11:24 AM

Trapped in New London! Help greatly appreciated.

I am staying in the SpringHill Suites in New London, CT all this week on work. I just sampled their free breakfast buffet and realized I need to come up with an alternate plan fast.

Could anyone steer me to a place to get a good breakfast in New London? Local color would be a big plus. Also, by Thursday night, I am going to be full-up with institutional lunches and dinners. Could someone direct me to the best lobster within a 15 minute drive. Should I head up to Mystic or stay in this area? Any other dining (or drinking) suggestions in New London would also be helpful. Many thanks in advance!

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  1. I cant help you about New London, but if you go East on 95 toward Mystic. Its only a 10 to 15 min. drive , There are many places to eat there that are just what you are looking for. Hope this helps. Earle
    Take a look at this web site. It may help.

    1. For breakfast, try Rosie's across the bridge in Groton. 24 hour diner with great coffee and lots of local color.

      Best lobster would be Abbott's in Noank, just next to Mystic. Also good but pricey is the Seamen's Inne in Mystic.

      Try Paul's Pasta in Groton for good Italian.


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        Im afraid that Rosie's has been torn down, and Abbott's is closed 'til springtime!

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          Egads! That place got me through college! What do the college kids do at 3am when they need a food?

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            Another diner was supposed to go in called "Big Boy", but the project does not appear to be moving too quickly! There is another diner called "Norm's" about a mile away on bridge street, but I haven't been there...For breakfast I love Kitchen Little and Somewhere in Time (both in Mystic) and Carson's in Noank. But I keep different hours than the college kids!

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              Ah yes, Norm's. Never could fill the shoes of Rosie's, but it did in a pinch when Rosie's was full.

      2. State Street diner on State Street downtown has very good breakfast and local color. You can also grab an egg sandwich at the New York Style deli at the corner of Bank and State Street. The Irish pub Hanifan's - also on State Street (there are a lot of good place to grab bites to eat along State and Bank Streets)- served an Irish breakfast on St. Paddy's Day - I know they do lunch and dinner - don't know if they are doing breakfast.

        Abbott's is closed for the season."Best" lobster dinner confuses me - what do you mean by "best"? Simple boiled lobster is going to be good just about anywhere -- they have them at Skipper's Dock in Stonington (next town up from Mystic)

        Tony D's at the corner of Huntington and Broad Street - in the California Fruit mart building - has excellent Italian food, wonderful calimari and a nice bar.

        1. Sorry for showing my inexperience. In B-more where I come from there is nothing straightforward about crab houses and everybody has their favorite. What I would really like is a place that can boil a great lobster along with some steamers and beer. I wouldn't mind a nice piece of pie to go with, but its not a necessity. Sounds like Skippers Dock would be a good choice.

          1. I haven't been there in 20 years, but downtown New London used to have the finest bar on the planet. It was called THE DUTCH TAVERN, it only sold wine, beer potato salad and hamburgers only. The interior was a mix of turn of the century through 1950. Please let me know if this gem still exists.

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              Its still there - still gets raves for its burgers. Eugene O'Neil's actor father (and him?) drank there. Its off State street - the street with the iNdian restaurant on the corner.

              Another suggestion for lobster and steamers would be the S&P Oyster House in Mystic - cheaper than Skippers but I like the quality at skipper's better. And if the Daniel Packer Inn was recommended I would second that as well - I'm not sure if lobster is on the menu but the pub downstairs has great food, great beer and great atmosphere - that's also in Mystic.