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Jan 31, 2005 12:34 PM

Where to buy farro pasta in SF/Berkeley/Oakland?

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I have looked at Whole Foods and Harvest but cannot manage to find farro pasta besides whole wheat which is not what I am looking for.

Any ideas?

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  1. f

    Do you mean farro, the grain, or pasta made from grinding up farro (which I've never seen)?

    If you are looking for the grain, you can get it at any good Italian deli. I get mine at Lucca Ravioli in the Mission, but it should be available at Molinari in North Beach, any of the AG Ferrari locations in the Bay Area, and The Pasta Shop in Berkeley or Oakland.

    1. i'm pretty sure i saw some at The Pasta Shop on 4th st. in berkeley yesterday... might want to call and make sure if it's out of your way.

      The Pasta Shop
      1786 Fourth st., Berkeley

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        Or, if the Pasta Shop doesn't have it, you could go upstairs to Oliveto and bribe Paul Bertoli to make you some.

      2. Maybe Ratto's in Old Oakland, would have it: 821 Washington St. (at Ninth Street), Oakland; (510) 832-6503.

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          Robert Lauriston

          Anybody with a big selection of Rustichella might have their farro pastas. Try the Pasta Shop, Whole Foods, Andronico's.

          1. Berkeley Bowl has farro semiperlato -- it's with the packaged rice (not available in bulk). It's about $4.50 for 1 lb.

            Molinari's usually carries it, but they are out right now. Should have in the next week or so.

            (I just went looking for farro last week. I made the farroto with porcini in the Zuni cookbook. Tasty.)

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            1. re: Missy P.
              Robert Lauriston

              In case the original poster doesn't recognize the phrase, sarro semiperlato is the whole grain, not a kind of pasta.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                Oops! I was so excited to talk about farro -- my new favorite ingredient -- that I hardly read the post. Well, now people know a couple of places to buy farro in whole grain form.