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Nov 7, 2006 04:55 AM

BBQ deprived new yorker coming to Kansas City please HELP!

I will be staying near the Hyatt Regency Crown Center next week ,i'm looking foward to great BBQ Kansas city style. Can you tell me where to go and also ones that is close to the hotel as i will not have a car. Is Gates BBQ and Aurthur Bryant as good as they say?

thank you in advance

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  1. You're in luck. Fiorella's JackStack BBQ in the Freight House at 20th and Baltimore is very close to your hotel. Get beans, they are very good.

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    1. re: zataar

      Ditto the beans. OMG! They are great.

      Now, I do love the food at Jack Stack, but my experience with the waitstaff has been offputting. I've been there a number of times, and each time I've found the staff to be unfriendly (but not rude) and they don't seem to come around very much, esp. when I'm ready to pay the bill.

    2. Haven't had Fiorella's burnt ends, but as far as I can tell burnt ends are a Kansas City thing. I've never seen them anywhere else (although I don't travel much).
      I went recently to the Des Moines ethnic food fest. There was a BBQ place called Woody's that I asked if they had Burnt Ends. The guy (Woody?)said, "Nope, you have to go to KC for those."
      He asked me where I go for them in KC. I told him L.C.'s.
      He told me I have to try Smokin Guns. Swore they were the best.
      Lookin forward to comparing.
      I have been to that Fiorella's location and had lamb ribs and cheesy cornbread. Everything was excellent.
      GF loved the pork ribs.

      1. you're within a quick cab ride of Arthur Bryant's too. If you did that
        and Fiorella's, you'd have a pretty good sample.
        Bob, Smokin' Guns is in NKC, but their hours are limited. Competition Qers.

        1. Do all you must to try as many bbq restaurants as you can- they all have their high points but don't miss
          LC's- could be the best meat in town- do the burnt ends
          Aurthur Bryants- come on, Presidents eat there!
          Fiorellas Jack Stack- a nicer/uptight bbq place but the beans make it worth a visit
          Gates- A KC Institution - think of it as a KC version of a starbucks
          Jones BBQ (in downtown KCK)- one of my new favorites

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          1. re: tastebudmagazine

            I agree . . .we are so lucky in KC to have so much variety in our BBQ choices. Seriously, I get bored with the debate of who has the best BBQ in KC. The truth is only YOU know the kind of meat and sauce combination gets you up in the morning hungry for a little 'Q. I think each of our fine BBQ restaurants have specialties that they do best . . .and that is why we all must make it our mission to keep all of them in business. Eat at them all.

            But to help our NYC friend with no car, I say take a cab to Arthur Bryant's or Gates or BOTH then go for something a little more upscale with Fiorellas Jack Stack.

          2. I was in KC this spring, and tried the BBQ at Arthur Bryant's, Gates and Jack Stack. I liked Bryant's the best overall for ribs and burnt ends, with Gates a close second. (better meat at Gates, but the overall taste at Bryant's was superior.) Jack Stack's meat wasn't even close to the first two. Dry and tough in comparison. Yes, a small sample, they may just have been having an off day. The beans at Jack Stack's, though, were easily the best I had.