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Nov 7, 2006 04:46 AM

Swank Happy Hour places in PHX?

Now that it's cooler at night, I thought it would nice to enjoy some happy hour spots that are a little bit more formal.

Now when I say formal, I don't mean suits, gowns and 5-stars. Simply places that are a step up from t-shirt/shorts. Do you have any suggestions? If interested, maybe we can do a chow meetup.

Places I've tried in this spirit:

- AZ88. Good food and martinis from what I recall
- Roaring Fork. Nice happy hour deals on food in the bar/patio area.
- Barcelona. Actually I missed happy hour and got there late. Too much of a "scene" for me. Cover charge for a cover band and pricey drinks?
- Elements. Would probably be my current fave place to take a visitor for a sunset cocktail. Swank + killer views.
- Trader Vics. Actually I've not really tried it. We went there to grab a cocktail and apps, but the tiny bar area was packed. But it was swank and I give kudos for the effort.
- Cafe Boa. I've only been to their new place once, but from what I recall it was a step up from most Mill Ave. places.

Places on the "to do" list:

- The Valley Ho bar area looks cool (not to be confused with TV)
- Is Durants good for happy hour?
- Wildfish? They had great HR opening specials. Still?
- Olive & Ivy? Gotta check out the space.
- James Hotel didn't snag me. Is Mondrain any different?

What about our other top eateries, resorts, etc?

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  1. -Mr. really likes happy hour at Wildfish. 1/2 price apps.
    -Sol y Sombra at DC Ranch
    -Durants is always good ;)
    -I really enjoy Sportsman's. Lot smaller crowd than Postino, with great drink and nosh offerings

    1. Tapino Kitchen & Wine, Shea Blvd. happy hour prices all around, and wonderful, seasonal appetizers at about $5.

      1. The bar at the Valley Ho is cool, and it has an expansive patio, as well. I also like Sol y Sombra and Roaring Fork. The bar at Drinkwater's City Hall is very cool, as well. Has anyone tried Baroque at DC Ranch yet (is it even open)? It's supposed to be a luxe bar.