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Nov 7, 2006 04:22 AM

NC Barbecue?

I just moved to the area from eastern NC, and am missing the wonderful barbecue that I'm used to. Is there anywhere in the area that has legitimate NC-style barbecue?

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  1. Probably not, but Memphis Minnie's in the city (lots of posts about it) has a NC vinegar-based sauce that you might recognize. I'm a fan of their barbecue, others love it or don't, depending... Give it a try.

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    1. re: Mick Ruthven

      I should have said that MM's has a North Carolina vinegar-based sauce and a South Carolina mustard sauce. I'd be interested to know what you think of them.

    2. You won't find anything like Parker's here.....

      1. Agree that your best bet in SF is Memphis Minnie's. They don't do whole hog like some places in eastern NC (nobody here does), but they do pork shoulder the right way (low & slow with hickory). Their vinegar sauce is more western NC than eastern though, as it contains some tomato sauce.

        Most other places in the Bay Area like to drown their pork shoulder (as well as the rest of their 'cue) in thick Kansas City type sauces.

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        1. re: Civil Bear

          Shouldn't be too much trouble to order some good NC sauce over the internet or via phone. You can make it happen!

        2. Here's a rec posted today for the pulled pork on Saturday nights at Trail Dust in Morgan Hill -

          1. The tablehopper just described the pork belly in a way that sounds like an authentic NC BBQ at Scott Howard in San Francisco, where the chef is an NC native. I haven't tried it, but I take the Tablehopper's word for it often and have never been let down. Give it a try and report back.


            In the section of her write-up called The Regular, she reviews Scott Howard.

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              Thanks for that link. Tablehopper is a nice little food blog.

              1. re: sensi63

                She's the best. Ask her for recommendations too. She's great.

              2. re: NoeMan

                That pork belly sounds interesting and mighty tasty, but as described it's anything but authentic NC Barbecue.