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Nov 7, 2006 03:25 AM

Nourishing Korean Oxtail Soup

Recipes do not get simpler than this.

Basically you need a few oxtails and some H2o and youre set.
This was my first time making this dish known as Gom (or Kom) Tang and even cooking oxtails in general.

I first came across a recipe for the Japanese Quick & Easy series (fantastic collection of books btw), then searched this site for mentions of the dish and its preparation.

It is important to either soak the oxtails in cold water for about an hour to leech out residual blood or bring oxtails up to a boil, drain then rinse.

Then cover the oxtails with sufficient water -bring up to a boil and simmer 3-4 hours. One simple variation is to add a few cloves of crushed garlic and perhaps a slice of ginger.

Skim foam and replenish with h2o as necessary.

You will notice the broth will begin to turn milky white.

Towards 3 hours I added rounds of daikon to cook just to soften through.

If you can make this dish one day ahead, refrigerate and remove solidified fat. I did this but there really was not that much to skim. The entire soup congeals due to the properties leeched out of this cut of bone.

There is no seasoning whatsoever until the dish reaches the table where the diner may add a generous amount of salt, green onion, and a paste comprised of minced garlic, salt, pepper, and chili pepper (kocharu) to his or her liking.

Kimchi is a good partner of course and you can make a kukbap of sorts by pouring the soup and oxtail over a helping of steamed rice.

This dish can be best described as wholy 'nourishing.' Falling off the tender meat, rice soaking up all of the brothy goodness, soft daikon, contrast of crisp green onion and accented by a spicy kimchi-- what more could you ask for.

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  1. it is also usually served with a small amount of tang myon noodles (chap chae noodles). not nearly enough to suggest "noodle" soup, but just a bit, for texture. mmm. now i'm hungry again.

    1. This is a great soup, tried it Saturday and had great leftovers Sunday. I thought this thread should be brought up again as there are supposedly 6 more weeks of winter and I sure others will be looking for new soups to make. I had orginally seen this recipe w/out the daikon on another website but after I acquired my indgredients I thought I'd check CH and came across this recipe. Next time I will definitely add the daikon. I served the soup with a green onions and a small amount of noodles too and instead of a paste I made a dipping sauce for the meat as suggested on a few other websites. I really recommend trying this soup, very easy and very rewarding.

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      1. re: free sample addict aka Tracy L

        Wow...crazy - I just mentioned this recipe to a hound today.

        The fork tender daikon is amazing in this soup.

        Great Report!