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Nov 7, 2006 03:22 AM

Cafe at the End of the Universe (LA Observatory)

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  1. A first quick take on this cafe from a visit today:

    service - poor to fair
    sandwiches - fair
    salads - fair to good
    desserts - good
    view - very good (when clear)

    1. Ate there the other day. The stoves weren't working so there was no hot food, just salads and sandwiches. I had a chicken sandwich that was three times the price of a Subway sandwich and one third as good. My girl friend had a salad that was no better.

      1. I ate there this last June. They had butternut squash soup and tortilla soup and they were both so delicious. Very cheap prices too.

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        1. re: ButterflyDust05

          It's all serviced by Wolfgang Puck, Inc. so if you like what they sell at Gelson's/ Mayfair in the Wolfgang Puck refrigerator case, you'll like the food at the Observatory. You can also bring your own food & enjoy the spectacular view for free. Very nice at dusk.

          1. re: alison

            alison, here's a direct quote from the observatory's site:
            May I bring food or drinks into the Observatory?
            No. Food and drinks are not permitted in the building. You may purchase food and drinks at the Café at the End of the Universe.

            Are there picnic facilities available?
            No. Food and drinks are available from the Café at the End of the Universe.

        2. Not much more than basic, expensive museum cafeteria food.

          1. Not sure how one can rank service when this place is essentially a self-service restaurant.

            As I recall, nothing great, but nothing terrible either. I think we got a hot dog plate, which is $5 with chips. It's hard to screw up hot dogs.

            The restaurant at Getty Villa is better. But these aren't destination restaurants, just some place to have a convenient bite to sate hunger.