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Nov 7, 2006 03:11 AM

Best Hawaiian Plate Lunch in OC

Looking for the best Hawaiian plate lunch. We are having a huge family gathering and I wanted to know which is the most delicious.

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  1. My vote would be for Waikiki Hawaiian Grill in Tustin.

    They have absolutely the BEST chicken katsu I've ever tasted.

    Their BBQ is also quite good.


    1. Of the plate lunch chains, I'm not sure if any of them stand out above the rest. Place like L&L, Ono Ono, Aloha Hawaiian, and Maui Hawaiian are all good and decent, but none are exceptionally stellar. All the best Hawaiian food is in Gardena, not in OC.

      It's been awhile since I've been, but perhaps the Loft in Huntington Beach might be a good choice.

      1. The Loft in Huntington Beach is, in my opinion, the best! However it is mainly just for take out unless you go to their sit down location in Cypress/Cerritos. In addition to all of their excellent entrees, they have killer bacon fried rice and a unique tasting macaroni salad that has tiny bits of potato in it. Beach and Warner, SW corner.

        1. I am in total agreement for Loft. That bacon fried rice is worth the drive from Irvine :) I know you want OC, but their Torrance location is much more full service (sit down and with a server) than the Cypress or Huntington Beach ones, if that helps.

          1. I work in the high rise next to the Loft in Huntington Beach, and I have to disagree with the assertions that it's the best. It's ok, but not great. One of my coworkers is Hawaiian and lives in HB, and she's recommended a few other local restaurants to me for plate lunches. I'll try to update this thread once I've tried them out.

            I think the L&L Hawaiian BBQ in Irvine serves better quality food, even if I can't get behind the cabbage filler in their kahlua pork. Plus, they have mini orders for small eaters like my fiancee.


            - Chubbypanda


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              I'm with you-Loft is over rated and over hyped for what it is. I'd rather eat at L&L anyday over the Loft.