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Nov 7, 2006 02:13 AM

Another Super Fast Chicken Dish w/ Help from a Tr J's Simmer Sauce

We had little time to do dinner before a film festival. Sauteed 5 chicken thighs, poured over them 1 jar of Tr J's Thai Coconut Simmer Sauce. Simmered for 1/2 hr. covered., turning once. served over chewy brown rice. wow. not a thing needed, no salt, no acid, no nothing. truly delicious and CHEAP! I better go out and buy a case before they discontinue the product (which they have had a habit of doing for my few favorite products there.)

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  1. I do the same, except I've used the Punjab spinach and the korma simmer sauce. I like to add vegetables too, peas, cauliflower are favorites. I also like their frozen naan. Make a mango lassi with the frozen mango and you're good to go!