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Nov 7, 2006 01:34 AM

Meatloaf and ketchup

I would like to know...does everyone put ketchup or tomato product in/on their meatloaf? Growing up I loved my Mom's loaf and she never ever used any tomato. I made it this way for my husband and he said that a meatloaf has to have a tomato product of some kind. He's learned to like mine with out the tomato tomato a must?

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  1. Simply, no. I make mine more like a less fatty and less finely ground pâté de campagne and there certainly isn't any tomato in it.

    1. Ketchup is a MUST. I squirt a little on top while it's cooking, which gives a concentrated tomato flavor, and serve extra on the side.

      The problem with meatloaf sandwiches? The ketchup makes the bread soggy and red.

      1. I put some ketchup in the loaf mixture, then top with a mixture of bbq sauce and ketchup.

        But I doubt it's a must.

        1. Meatloaf without ketchup??? I really don't think that would be meatloaf.

          Put some mayo on the sandwiches.

          1. Pate de campagne?? Well, if I wanted cold meatloaf involving all sorts of pork and a long wait... by all means pate de campagne. How... unhomey. Less fatty? How about grinding some cardboard boxes from your last move and baking it with some onion. OK all laughs aside...

            American meatloaf and no tomato? Surely you jest. My mom made it with onion soup mix and even though I nix that sodium bomb from all cooking I add an asterisk to meatloaf because it is just not meatloaf without it. So plenty of ketchup covering and a whole packet of Lipton onion soup mix kneaded in.

            Your husband's mother was right. Plus... your hubby remembers and loves it that way. How can you resist? Call her for the recipe. She will be thrilled.

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              Whoa, whoa, whoa.

              1. Even my grandmother, wasp as they come, makes her meatloaf with 50% pork, 50% beef.

              2. Less fatty = leaving out the lard, and not wrapping with fat.

              3. Like pâté de campagne means: baking it in a waterbath and seasoning with rosemary, thyme, nutmeg, allspice, garlic, calvados. Then eating it cold with gerkins. Also, yes, there are onions.