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Nov 7, 2006 01:26 AM


With the holidays, not to mention ski season, fast approaching, isn't it time for Blue Moose to give us a fresh update of Vail valley restaurants? New places, places that are better or worse, etc.? How is the new Mango's now? Any better than right after opening? Has Dish opened and is it any good? Would love to hear about what's going on out there.

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  1. RR (AKA Dick), I'm headed out to La Scala in Eagle tonight. I'll report on our experience tomorrow. Dish is open, I'll check it out in the next couple of weeks. Costco has been open for 3 weeks. the wine store is a contractor (no Kirkland wines) because of Colorado law that says not wine or spirits in grocery stores, just 3.2 beer.

    The 2 places near Walmart are opening by Thanksgiving. I checked out the discount wine store in the same building, if that's discount, the other stores here are super discount. Wine is about 25% higher than Applejack. I'm getting very good reports on the remodeled Sweet Basil and Larkspur is closed until Thanksgiving. Larkburger is opening soon in Edwards (next to Steve's Dog & Cat Repair).

    More tomorrow.

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      We made a quick trip out there the last Saturday in September -- ate lunch at Sweet Basil. Love the expansion. It really made it feel less crowded, the one negative thing I used to have there. We had the calamari and rock shrimp, as always. Also had a seafood grill that was excellent. While in the valley we also had a good breakfast at Fiesta's. Look forward to your next report.