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Nov 7, 2006 12:54 AM

Great Meal for less than $15 per person

What is your favorite place to eat – anywhere south of Union Square (preferably in the Village or Soho) – under $15 per person. Something good, delicious, and filling. Looking for sit down restaurants, not takeout.

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  1. Inoteca (if you order right)
    Il Corallo Trattoria
    Cafe Habana

    1. Chinatown.

      Any of the many restaurants mentioned in my long "Forgotten Restaurants of Chinatown" post.

      In fact, just about any restaurant in Chinatown.

      1. Corner Bistro
        Cubana Cafe
        Caracas Arepas Bar
        Nha Trang

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          1. re: Scott V

            How's Caracas for a small group (4-6)? I'd love to go with some friends...

        1. Thanks for the recs! I'm just looking for something new...

          Brian S or Chinatown experts: Do any of those places in Chinatown happen to serve this shrimp dish with mayonnaise/walnuts/broccoli? I had this at a Chinese Banquet once and have not been able to find it in restaurants.

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          1. re: superfly

            Yes, many of them do; it is (or was) a trendy Hong Kong dish, and it is very good even though it sounds horrible. The restaurant at 6 Chatham Square does, I think Asian Cafe on Bayard does, and I would guess Ping's does.

            1. re: Brian S

              Ping's in Manhattan does indeed have the shrimp with walnuts and broccoli dish. It's well worth it. Theirs also includes these bizarre and wonderful fried milk balls around the outside, at least when you're in a large group (and/or have a native speaker with you).