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Nov 7, 2006 12:37 AM

Sushi- not on Mondays or Sundays?

I'm so the day NOT to eat sushi Sunday or Monday? Sunday makes more sense, as they can bring in fish on Mondays but now I'm overthinking and making my friend paranoid.

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  1. From what I understand, fresh fish is rarely delivered on Mondays. If I recall, Anthony Bourdain talked about the hazards of eating fish in restaurants on Sundays and Mondays, in his first book, Kitchen Confidential.

    1. If the fishermen take off on Sunday, there'd be no fish on Monday.....

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      1. re: UnConundrum

        But here's what I've never understood about this question - when we order fish on, say, Friday, did the fishermen really just catch it on Thursday? Isn't it a few days old no matter when we eat it?

      2. Restaurants very, very rarely (if ever) get deliveries on Sundays. Some, though not good ones, do not get deliveries on Saturdays. On Friday night, the chef places his order for Saturday and for Sunday.

        Bourdain argues that what is ordered on Friday night is served on Saturday and then on Sunday; then the leftovers are the first things served on Monday. After the weekend stuff is run though, then the stuff that comes in on Monday would be served.

        in addition, the most common days for an executive chef to take off are Sunday and Monday.

        So is the food less fresh on Sunday than on Saturday, yes probably. On Monday? you never really know. Is the food better when the exec chef is there? depends on the chef.

        I've worked at a lot of restaurants, some of which would never consider serving anything a touch beyond its prime and some of which that were not that ethical/particular. I will gladly eat sushi any day of the week.

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        1. re: nc213

          Yeah, but I would argue that if said sushi place happens to be in a Chinatown, all bets are off since industry standards don't really apply (at least not unilaterally) in a much more mom&pop sort of area. Similarly I would think supermarket sushi from a Whole Foods or Wegmans would be fine on a sunday since it's not a restaurant supplier doing the supplying. It depends on context a bit.

        2. Because fresh fish isn't usually available for purchase, most of the Sushi restaurants I know seem to be closed on Monday. I've even seen one that was closed both Sunday AND Monday.

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          1. re: linlinchan

            That's how it is with the four sushi places in my n'hood. Open on Sunday, closed on Monday.

          2. I've always thought you never eat sushi on Wednesdays because in Tokyo the fish market is closed every other Wednesday. Ah, perspective. In the US (which is where I assume you are) I think that ordering fish on Mondays would be the most risky because it will be leftover from Friday or Saturday's delivery.