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Election party eats?

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Hey all, I'm hosting an election party tomorrow and am looking for a dish or two to serve that's colored blue (sorry, this is a partisan election party). I'm already making the stilton tart that was posted a few days ago, and will have blue curacao and blue corn chips on hand. Any ideas?

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    1. how about the purple potatoes which are almost blue? and with the blue curacao, you could make a delicious adults-only jello for dessert. and you could serve wings with blue cheese dip. and, hmm, lessee, to drink how about some chimay bleu trappist ale? (not actually blue, but the label is). if you're artistic, you could also make some kind of dip/cake/jello in the shape of a donkey (donkey tenderloin not being readily available).

        1. If it's available near you, blue crab cakes?

          1. Don't overdo the blue, it is a bit of an appetite suppressant, which might bring a party down. What has been mentioned so far is fine, of course, but don't dye the french fries inky or try for for turquoise mayonnaise ! Just the fact that there are so few blue foods has conditioned us to react poorly to that color, as opposed to browns reds oranges etc. Have fun and please vote!!

            1. Well I guess that rules out red wine and red meat. Blue nun? Labatt Blue beer? Pabst blue ribbon? Blue diamond nuts? Buffalo wings with blue cheese dip? Chicken cordon blue? Blueberry cheesecake ... pie ... ice cream?

              Food representative of the blue states ... Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Rhode Island.

              Whatever you serve, make sure the servings are liberal.

              1. I would include a Chilian Blue Bean dish. It would contribute to the gas that comes out of that place!


                1. Elephant! I've heard the trunk makes a fine chili :) (a friend in the Peace Corps was actually given an elephant trunk and made chiliwith it...) Seriously, though, maybe you could make an elephant-shaped cake for people to tear into as an accompaniment to the finer "blue" foods...