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Nov 7, 2006 12:05 AM

Seasonal goodies at Trader Joe's

This is the time of year when it pays to scan the shelves carefully at TJ's as they're bringing in their seasonal items for the holidays (some are specifically seasonal, some are just increased selection of things people serve when entertaining). Two specifically seasonal items I saw this week were Double Rainbow Perfectly Pumpkin ice cream (a little too sweet for my taste), and Candy Cane Jo-Jos (TJ's house brand Oreos with no transfats). The Candy Cane Jo-Jo's were a winner (if you like that kind of cookie). The filling was lightly speckled with pink and had a strong peppermint candy cane flavor. Being seasonal items they were ultra fresh.

Anyone else spotted new seasonal offerings?

BTW, I went to buy the tetrapak beef broth and it was gone. Apparently they're looking for a new supplier, but until they find one, they won't be carrying it. I did see a low-sodium version of the organic free range chicken broth (how PC is that?) that I didn't remember them having before.

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  1. Hi Ruth. I've purchased from the Union Square store the chicken broth you mentioned and really like it (although I'd give Whole Foods' version a small edge). Last week, though, I didn't see it at TJ so I purchased the vegetable version (same thing--organic, low sodium, etc.). God, it was bad.

    1. I just opened my Pumpkin Butter (think apple butter)...tasty, mild spice..quite sweet..but I enjoyed it on toast in the A.M.

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      1. re: ChowFun_derek

        I second the pumpkin butter rec. it's good on/in so many things (on toast, in yogurt/cottage cheese, as an ingredient in baked goods) and I'm sure it could be used creatively in savory dishes as well. I eat it out of the jar with a spoon sometimes. I wish TJ would carry it year-round.

        1. re: bijoux16

          Try the pumpkin butter mixed into oatmeal w/raisins or use it as a dip for their new 100 calorie pack oatmeal cookies! I'm already stocking up - - pumpkin butter is never on the shelf for long.

        2. re: ChowFun_derek

          Make a pumpkin loaf with the TJ Pumpkin Mix, then douse it in the pumpkin butter. A TJ clerk recommended doing this. :)

          1. re: chica

            That's a great idea...I saw the pumpkin loaf mix there...I'll need to pick some up...
            Thanks for the info!

        3. I don't get to Trader Joe's too often, so please let me know when they get in those little chocolate truffles- the ones that come in a bag.

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          1. re: Leslie

            If you mean the French truffles that come in foil bag inside a box, then I saw them this last trip. They had the organic version, too, which are not quite as good (IMHO), but are transfat-free, if you don't mind that tradeoff.

            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              Yes, those are the ones. I guess in the name of health (??) , I'll have to try the transfat-free truffles.

            2. re: Leslie

              in Calif right now they have a flat giftable truffle assortment (1 dozen) with no tropical oils. They are wrapped in colored foils with a list of flavors; pretty good, not amazing, but light years better than those ones in the funny-shaped fold-top box they keep year round with the other chocolates over the frozen foods case(which DO have an oily, palm kernal oil texture)

            3. We love the truffles that come in a brown tin. Very inexpensive and good.

              1. Not seasonal exactly, but definitely new, are the cutely named "figments" (dark chocolate covered figs). Our household has long ad something of an addiction to the chocolate cherries and almonds, but I think the rich, subtle flavor of these little (healthy!) candies is becoming my favorite. There's something wonderful about the contrast between the creamy texture of the chocolate and chewy caramelly fig pieces.

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                1. re: katielp

                  I saw those my last trip -- I'll have to try them.

                  The candy/cookie selection exploded between this weekend and last. All kinds of seasonal stuff. I got a box of TJ's label (made in Ireland) "dark assortment" chocolates that were hit and miss, but the hits were really good. I'd buy a whole box of the creme brulee: a thimble-shaped chocolate shell with a crunchy chocolate/crystallize sugar lid and cream with a touch of caramel inside.