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Beacon in Culver City - Lunch Tomorrow

Chow Team,

What's good? What's not so good? Thanks

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  1. Try the cod, ahi pizza and the yudon. I would also inquire about the bento box offerings for the day.

    1. i've always found the small plates to be the most satisfying. avocado salad, shisito peppers, etc. bento is a good recommendation.

      1. For lunch I like the mushroom salad. My favorite dish though is the yaki udon with pork and kim chee.


        1. I fourth or fifth the Bento Box rec! I also love the shishito peppers, but I love them everywhere I can order them. An order of shishitos is a pleasant beginning...ask them to bring them first -- if you like them.

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              YES! The Kakuni Udon is heavenly. Succulent braised pork belly. The LA Times ran the recipe a while back and it reproduced well in my kitchen.

            2. Pork belly udon is good.. sometimes a little salty. The pork is excellent.

              The hamburger and fries are delicious. Ask for a side of wasabi relish.

              On the lighter side, the curry chicken wrap is good too.

              The hanger steak is also very good.

              1. i'm not crazy about Beacon, honestly.

                fried oysters can be pretty good

                1. Tried Beacon last weekend. Black cod and side of string beans with scant sweet sesame dressing was perfect, if pricey. The surprisingly tasty ahi pizza was almost just right (bagel-dough-like crust was a bit chewy for me). A few bites of avocado salad were enough; it probably would be too rich not to share. I sampled bites of the newer items on the menu: beef short rib - tender, plush, decadent; swordfish - cooked nicely, excellent bed of lentils, but the salsa struck me as out of place. The two infused sakes of the day, peach and lychee, were hit (subtle flavor) and miss (too much heavy syrup), respectively. Dessert "bento" had some good selections. A nice level of service, but a bit drafty by the front door. You're paying for the atmosphere, but if you don't mind, it's fun.

                  And if you're here before 6PM, don't miss spending a few minutes on the $17,000 "2000T" at the Hastens Beds store around the corner. It may be as close to weightlessness as you can get without losing your lunch. http://www.hbeds.com/lastore.html

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                  1. The shishito peppers are unusually good and the avocado salad it also a favorite. I almost always order the tontaksu which features very good quality pork. My husbands loves the udon. Haven't tried most things on the menu.

                    1. My wife says do not get the curry. I laughed when she told me she had curry there - who gets curry at Beacon? Okay honey, I'm sorry - you're always right...