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Nov 6, 2006 11:07 PM

Vela in Wellesley

Needed a middle ground restaurant to meet friends. They live in the suburbs of Worcester and we live in the suburbs of Boston. Thought Wellesley would be a good midpoint. Been to Blue Ginger and wanted a new venue. Booked Vela for tomorrow night. Anyone know the place? What's good on the menu?

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  1. Have had dinner at Vela several times.It is quite good. A full bar and a nice wine list. I love their mushroom lasagna for an appetizer. Last time we were there I had a sea bass with polenta, white asparagus and broccoli rabe that was delicious. If you like fresh tuna their signature dish is an olive encrusted tuna. The atomosphere is quite pleasant and the service very good. Hope you like it- we like it very much and hope that it succeeds, unlike the predecessor places.

    1. We've been several times and the food and service were both excellent. Once was Valentine's Day and despite the crowds, everything was perfect and service was appropriately attentive. I think it's a find. The chef was at Lucca and now this is his own place. I also hope it succeeds; he deserves to!

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        We did go to Vela and found it to be fabulous. All had the swordfish special. Best I ever had.