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Nov 6, 2006 10:45 PM

Bourbon and Branch - anyone been?

If so, how's the drinks?

Even if the speakeasy premise could be fun or stupid depending on your point of view, you gotta like a place where one house rule is

7. Don’t even think of asking for a “Cosmo.”

From the website:
"Our bourbon selection includes the hand numbered ... Noah’s Mill, Buffalo Trace, and Rittenhouse 21 Year. For scotch we have such rare gems as the Monkey Shoulder, Glenmorangie Margaux Finish ... and the Balvenie 1971. Our rums and tequilas .. include the Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 Year and the Tapatio ... We have but one Canadian ... the Crown XR (only 7,500 cases produced)."

Chronicle write-up

Bourbon & Branch
501 Jones St
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 673-1921

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  1. Haven't been, but here's Bauer's write up from his blog:

    1. Somewhat too precious for my taste, rude service, uneven cocktails (though when they were good, they were really good). I just don't get a bar (sorry, 'speakeasy') that kicks you out after your alloted time frame.

      1. I found the place surprisingly unpretentious especially after the rigamarole it takes to get into the place. (which really isn't much) It's pleasant on the inside. You get an intimate booth in which to have a drink or two with your companions without having to force your way througha crowd or yell. My friend thought his mixed drinks were good (they use fresh juices). I had a sip and agreed, but I like the whiskey straight up. The mixed drinks included a lot of older cocktails and new inventions. I was tempted by the combinations but am hard pressed to remember what they were. Our waitperson was friendly knowledgeable and efficient. Whiskey thieves around the corner has a great selection as well for cheaper, but the experience is worlds away. not better or worse just different. Once in a while it's nice to shell out a little extra to be waited on.

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          1. I've been a few times and love it. Personally, I love having a quiet (well, relatively quiet) place to have a drink with friends. The allotted time thing doesn't bother me - I'm not a huge drinker (of hard alcohol, anyway) - and I love going to just have one or two drinks. The drinks are delcious, I've always had great service and the decor is pretty cool. It's also a great place to go before dinner - easy to time with the reservation system.

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              Any drinks you recommend? From the tons of stuff I've read if you get beyond the schick, some of the drinks are excellent. The problem seems to be that the noise about the setup is drowning out info about the actual drinks. It would seem it is time for B&B to drop the act if they are serious about the booze.