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Nov 6, 2006 10:41 PM

Mrs. Weinberg's Chopped Liver

Is it still being made/sold any more?


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  1. They make them now frozen in a box (or is it Mrs. Schreibers?)but I know meal mart has it frozen in a box

    1. These are 2 different brands. I believe that Schrieber's is owned by Alle Processing, the same company that distributes Meal Mart.

      1. I have not seen Mrs. Weinberg's in about five years, but they are owned by International Glatt, who still makes chopped liver. It is much better than Mrs. Schreiber's or Meal Mart. They sell IG in Glatt Mart and other places.

        1. Does anyone sell kosher frozen chopped liver made from chicken livers rather than beef livers? I havent seen any, maybe it doesn't lend itself to freezing.

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            probably just easier commercially to cook and use beef liver.

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              Meal Mart makes a frozen chopped chicken liver

            2. I called today International Glatt in Brooklyn , New York and they told me that the Famous Mrs Weinberg's Chop Liver is no longer being made. What a shame and what a crime.
              They told me that other chop liver out there in the market is American Kosher and its the same as Mrs Weinberg's and I said I disagree because its not as smooth as Mrs Weinberg's .....


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                Last Friday we made an awesome batch of chopped liver using a eggplant that was left in our fridge and it was quite good. Unlike the refrigerated kind at the store, this was so delicious.